Bills QB Josh Allen (Post-Game Transcript)

On the miscommunication on the last pass to Bills WR Gabe Davis:

“Yeah, it’s an option route. They were in zero [coverage] so we max protected it. Understand they were coming to get me. I made a guess, and I guessed wrong.”


On recovering and going into the bye:

“Well, we’ll refresh, get healthy for this next week and we’ve got to attack the rest of the season.”


On the offense’s performance:

“I mean, we’re just going out there — I thought our guys had a lot of great effort. I’ll try to make them more.”


On if there are positives building off the loss:

“Yeah, I think you can say that. Again, I think the effort was there, execution was there. Just got to make a couple more plays, and others — a couple we wish we had back.”


On whether he questioned the decision to kneel with 20 seconds left in the fourth quarter:

“No, that was the right call.”


On the difficulty of recovering from a loss like this:

“Make no mistake, that’s a really good football team. They’re defending NFC champs for a reason. They made plays tonight and they made enough to win the game.”


On getting Bills WR Gabe Davis going moving forward:

“It’ll be important. Got to find a way to move.”


On the interception:

“Yeah, they played trap coverage. [Bills WR Stefon Diggs] did a good job of getting inside and being friendly, and the kid made a [heck] of a play.”


On his confidence in his team making the playoffs:

“I’m extremely confident in our guys. The men that we have in this locker room, we understand where we’re at. So, we’ve got good things going.”


On running the ball:

“I think the opportunity just kind of presented itself today. I don’t think it was coming into this game thinking I’m running more, or less. They present themselves and I take advantage of it.”