2021 Eagles Training Camp Media Protocols and Policies


The Philadelphia Eagles are committed to creating a safe, professional and respectful work environment for the media, as well as coaches, players, employees, and staff. The Eagles communications staff will work to assist you in accordance with the NFL’s media policy and these 2021 Eagles Training Camp Media Protocols and Policies (the “Policies”), while seeking to foster a professional and productive atmosphere for all. These Policies will be in place throughout training camp at the NovaCare Complex and other venues where practice will take place, including Lincoln Financial Field. The Policies are subject to change without prior notice, including, without limitation, based on continued evaluations of the COVID-19 pandemic, including any requirements set forth by the NFL, federal, state and local government agencies and health officials. Please note that these Policies have been created based on guidelines established by the League and after consultation with the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA). Please review the following Policies and sign at the bottom to acknowledge receipt and to receive your credential. Failure to comply with these Policies may result in your credential being revoked.

Communications Department

Bob Lange, Senior Vice President, Communications – 215-339-6717 – BLange@eagles.nfl.com

Brett Strohsacker, Director of Public Relations – 215-339-6759 – BStrohsacker@eagles.nfl.com

Anthony Bonagura, Public Relations Manager – 215-339-6736 – ABonagura@eagles.nfl.com

John Gonoude, Public Relations Manager – 215-339-6768 – JGonoude@eagles.nfl.com

Alli Waddington, Public Relations Coordinator – 215-339-5465 – AWaddington@eagles.nfl.com

Daily Credentialing Requests

• In accordance with the protocols collectively bargained between the NFL and NFLPA, a limited number of reporters will be permitted to attend practice under 2M and 3-OA Tiers each day. The Eagles communications staff will determine who receives such permission. Please note that the Eagles have consulted with the PFWA with respect to the permission process.

ALL MEDIA MUST BE VACCINATED AND VERIFY THEIR STATUS: To be eligible for Tier 2M or Tier 3-OA or to access the press box when events take place at Lincoln Financial Field, media must be fully vaccinated (two weeks after an individual has received one injection of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or two injections of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines). To confirm proof of vaccination, click here. All media must first confirm vaccination via the link provided in order for their credential request to be considered. You will need to provide this information only once.

CREDENTIAL REQUESTS: Only pre-approved media can attend practice. To apply for a credential, please visit our new credentialing system by clicking this link. You will be notified if your request has been accepted or denied. o Media MUST sign up online for each practice they wish to attend. No “camp-long” access will be provided.

• Any reporter who has been approved for access but can no longer attend should notify a member of the communications staff as soon as possible given the limited number of individuals permitted each day.

Facility Access and Health Screening

• Approved media will receive either Tier 2M or 3-OA credentials, granting them access to practice.

• Tier 2M media will be able to conduct physically distanced, in-person interviews with coaches and players. All in-person interviews will occur outdoors. Tier 2M will typically be reserved for reporters, on-air talent and select producers with no talent on site, pending availability.

• Current NFL-NFLPA Protocols require Tier 2M Media to test for COVID-19 once every 14 days. We will communicate more details about the testing schedule but will likely test Tier 2M individuals for the first time the morning of 7/28 prior to practice.

• Tier 2M who have recorded a negative PCR test within 14 days prior to attending training camp can produce proof of the test results and forego on-site testing during the two-week window post-test. When the window has expired, or if a previous test cannot be documented, media will be required to test upon arrival.

Tier 3-OA media are permitted to attend practice and media availabilities but cannot conduct in-person interviews. Tier 3-OA will include photographers, videographers, engineers and producers who have talent on site.

• Credentialed media for each applicable practice will receive a text message with a health questionnaire that must be completed prior to entry. If all questions are answered in such a way as to permit entrance to the complex, you will receive a QR code to scan at the complex. If you do not receive the QR code for entry, you will not be permitted to access the facility and should contact the Eagles communications staff immediately and prior to traveling to the complex.

• Parking for all vehicles is available in the Naval Hospital Lot adjacent to the NovaCare Complex. Once parked, reporters should proceed to the security gate and provide their name for their first day at the facility or show their credential, as applicable.

• After entering through the security gate, proceed to the health screening location at the Media House of the NovaCare Complex and scan the QR code. Afterwards, a member of the communications staff will provide you a credential for access to practice and/or to confirm your credential for access.

• During practice, media members are required to remain in the marked, designated areas, which will be at least 10 feet from the practice fields, throughout the duration of practice.

• The Media House will be available for credentialed media, with priority given to those who are writing or transmitting images and video.

• If practice is moved to the indoor facility, only a limited number of 2M media will be permitted to attend. Masks must be worn at all times while indoors. Pool footage and images will be provided by the Eagles. Post-practice interviews during inclement weather situations will take place via videoconference.

TV Station Access

• With prior approval from the Eagles communications staff, TV stations will be permitted to record stand-ups or live shots from designated areas in the NovaCare Complex parking lot. Media who are granted access for this purpose will not (i) receive a credential, (ii) be permitted to leave their designated area in the parking lot, (iii) be required to complete the health screening or (iv) be allowed to record any other footage or interact with players or staff members while on site.

• Otherwise, photography and videography for all media is limited to the practice field during the specified shooting window only.

Practice Reporting Guidelines

• Photography and videography will be limited to warmup and individual drills.

• Media may report which players are practicing. Non-strategy and non-gameplan observations may be included in reporting.

• More detailed information will be provided by the Eagles communications staff, but the following types of observations may not be reported in any fashion: o Specific information that could help an opponent prepare for playing the Eagles, such as references to specific plays run or game strategy.

o Comments overheard between coaches, players and staff.

Interview Access

• In accordance with NFL-NFLPA protocols, all post-practice media availability will be conducted in person via press conference or in the adjacent “Mixed Zone” after the conclusion of practice. Only Tier 2M individuals will be permitted to ask questions and must remain physically distanced at all times. Press conferences will be streamed live on PhiladelphiaEagles.com and other platforms.

• Additional videoconferences and other availability will be communicated.

Interview Requests

Please direct all interview requests for players, coaches, executives or staff members to the communications department.

• For coaches, executives and staff members, please direct your requests to Bob Lange or Brett Strohsacker

• For players, please direct your requests to Brett Strohsacker or John Gonoude

• Please direct all non-football requests to Anthony Bonagura or Alli Waddington