Browns Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (Post-Game Transcript)

Opening statement:

“Alright, good effort for 60 minutes. Obviously, you always want to come away with a win, so the guys fought until the end there. Some really, really good moments. I thought the competition was outstanding. I thought the effort was outstanding. Now, we can head back after a really productive week and get ready for Kansas City and our final preseason game. So, a productive week for us and we’re looking forward to going home.”

On the two missed field goals:

“I think it’s preseason, so everyone is working through the preseason. And certainly, as you know [Browns K] Cade [York] wants to make those so that we can finish as a team. So, we can go get that [win]. But he’s like any young player. He’s like any player on our roster. It’s preseason, so he’s got to continue to work through it.”

On Browns K Cade York starting the game three-for-three:

“Again, I think we’re okay with the preseason. You’re constantly trying to perfect your craft. Obviously making the first three is great, and then he knows he wants to make that last one. So, I think that’s something he’ll continue to work through.”

On Browns WR Austin Watkins Jr. standing out:

“He did a nice job. With those receivers, it’s, ‘Can you get open and then can you go make a play when the ball in the air?’ I think he did both tonight. So, I was really pleased with his effort. The kid is very, very competitive.”

On not bringing in competition for Browns K Tony Cade:

“I think for all of our players, not just Cade, the preseason is a time to work on your craft and get better. He’s disappointed to not make that kick at the end. He wants to be there for the team and that’s why he’s going to continue to work really hard.”

On icing the kicker:

“That’s kind of – that’s just part of it.”

On whether the kicker slipped:

“I don’t know that. I’m not sure.”

On the performance of Browns LB Mohamoud Diabate:

“I thought he was very active. He flies around the field, did a great job ball searching there, getting the ball out. He really plays with a ton of energy, and that’s kind of what I was talking about earlier, with our guys. Just competing for 60 minutes, I thought he was right there leading the charge. I think he’s done a nice job. You can go back and watch, really his tape from the previous two games from the Jets and the Commanders. I think you see a player that’s playing very active.”

On the possibility of Browns QB Deshaun Watson playing next week:

“I’ll let you guys know next week. He’s not supposed to spill the beans. But, I’ll let you guys know next week.”

On Browns QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson in the first half:

“I didn’t like that penalty and he knows that rule that you can’t block back. I love the kid’s effort. I love the feistiness. I love that he wants to throw his body around, and his teammates love that, but I don’t love hurting the team with a penalty. But, the way he plays, really [QB] Kellen [Mond] and Dorian, I thought they both played really well, moved the ball up and down the field. We need to score points better obviously, or finish drives I should say, but I thought both guys acquitted themselves.”

On not giving Browns K Cade York a confidence boost:

“Oh, yeah, I think those chip shots – he’s working plenty hard. I don’t think he needs a chip shot.”

On anyone else standing out tonight:

“Probably, but I’ve got to watch it and I can give you a better-informed answer. But I think just in total, I was really pleased with the effort. And that’s something that we talked about. You know, we planned those practices on purpose having a lot of our ones and starters get the majority of those reps so that these guys could go play and play freely and play fast and I thought that’s what I saw.”

On the whole experience:

“Very productive. We kind of set out, accomplished what we wanted to, going up against the Super Bowl runner-up from last year. Really a very good football team: offense, defense, special teams. Skilled players, good coaches, so I just thought it’s a great opportunity to get good versus good and that’s something that we wanted to do in those two days. And then, tonight is just 60 minutes to play your brand of football, to get to know your players better, get to know some of these younger players better and get them very valuable experience.”