Browns QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson (Post-Game Transcript)

On his first NFL start:

“First off, I’m thankful for the opportunity to be able to go out there and do that, but I thought it felt pretty good, I thought I felt like we moved the ball pretty well while I was in there, obviously there were some throws and some plays that I want back, and some calls. Overall, I feel like I did a pretty good job for my first time out there.”

On what he thought of the performance of Browns WR Austin Watkins Jr. :

“I’ve known that all along because he has been mainly running with me when I go in at practice so I already knew what type of player he was and I’ve spoke [all about] him the first week. He is just continuing his success and I am super happy for him.”

On what it is like taking advantage of opportunites in the preseason games:

“For sure, I think that is what preseason is. I know everybody wants to get caught up in the wins and the losses of things, but it is really a time for guys to show what they got, it’s an opportunity for them. I know that’s how I approach it and how I take it. Just trying to maximize my opportunity.”

On his penalty for an illegal blindside block in the first quarter:

“Yeah, that is still a work in progress. You know I have a sweet spot for [Browns RB/WR Demetric] Felt[on Jr.]. When he runs the ball I have to stick my noise in there. [Browns Head] Coach Stefanski definitely let me have it after that one. No penalties, so I definitely have to work on that going forward.”

On his thought process of sliding towards the endzone instead of diving:

“So here we teach if you’re in a crowd make sure you dive head-first because you know they are going to be coming at you, and if you are in open space and you know you have a little free access then you can slide, but on that one I learned that I have to go head-first next time because those dudes are coming for my head.”

On what he thinks of Browns WR Austin Watkins Jr.:

“I talked to him after the first week. Just a phenomenal player, continues to learn, continues to grow, and it shows. All the hard work he is putting in behind the scenes is definitely paying off for him.”

On the rhythm he was able to gain on the first drive:

“Yeah I think that is kind of the main thing I learned at UCLA was more-so kind of how to start games. I know in my first two years there, if coach gave me a pass play that thing was going first row in the stands, so I’ve definitely learned how to have a pregame routine, a pregame process, just to make sure I’m even-keeled heading into the first drive.”

On how he feels for Browns K Cade York after he missed two potential game-winning field goals:

 “For sure, [Browns K] Cade [York] is the ultimate competitor and like I talked about earlier, preseason is all about opportunities to showcase what you got and I know he has been working extremely hard behind the scenes and he gets a lot of scrutiny for stuff he does. You know, I got his back one hundred percent. I know he is going to respond from this. You know I missed a couple throws today, I didn’t have the most perfect game either. So obviously when it is towards the end of the game he gets all the looks for, but it is an ultimate team thing.”