Commanders Head Coach Ron Rivera (Post-Game Transcript)


On processing the loss after what happened last week:

“Well, first of all, it was a hell of a performance by [QB] Sam [Howell]. He bounced back. He learned from last week. He grew and he got better. It was reflected in the way he played. It was reflected in the way he led our offense. A lot of positive things that we are going to take from that. That’s the plus.”

On how important it was to see that kind of an effort:

“That’s growth. That’s what we talked about, I think it was Friday you guys asked the questions and that’s what we’re looking for is that kind of growth. You do something, you make some mistakes. You come back and you play your [tail] off.”

On his frustration and whether it’s from the ending or the outcome:

“Yup. The outcome, the ending. That’s a hell of a football team we played out there. But I think we have a hell of a football team in this locker room. Our guys came and they played their [tails] off. They deserve some credit. We are going to learn something from this but again that’s a hell of a football team we played against.”

On how he felt the defense held up:

“I thought we had our moments, I did. They picked on the young guy today. I expect him to bounce back next week, I do. Our quarterback bounced back, he had a rough day last week. The young man had a rough day. Hopefully he learns, he’s a young guy. Experience is a tough teacher. But that’s the kind of stuff he needs. He needs to understand how important it is to do his job the way it’s being coached.”

On how he thought the offensive line showed up today:

“I thought they did the things they needed to. I thought they gave [QB] Sam [Howell] some opportunities. Obviously they know they can do some better things. Really appreciate the way they blocked the run as well. I thought our balance today was outstanding and we can even be better. I promise you. We’ll get a chance to look at the tape and we will figure some things out that we’re going to use to help us.”

On whether there was any consideration late to go for two:

“Yeah, but you know what, those guys, they were gassed. They really were. It was a long drive. They were hurting. They were hustling. I really thought we had the chance. And that’s too bad.”

On what that drive shows him about the capability of the offense in a situation like that:

“You know, we’ve had a couple of drives like that this year already. But to do it against that team, that to me was very impressive. There’s no moral victories, you know, but we are going to learn from it and I think this is going to help us going forward.”

On what changed after the Commanders final timeout before the final play of regulation:

“Just really what [Commanders Offensive Coordinator Eric Bienemy] wanted to do.”

On if the balance of the offense in the first half was a focus:

“I think it was what [Commanders Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy] felt he wanted to do. I thought his balance was excellent, I did. I thought, you know, a couple of times we had to do certain things based off what they were giving us and he wanted to go out and take it, and that’s what he did, that’s why he did the things that he did.”

On Commanders QB Sam Howell’s composure throughout the game:

“Yeah, we talked about him growing, showing some growth, and that’s what we believe he is capable of, we really do. You know, we’ve had a lot of confidence in him and he’s been paying us back. Last week was a tough one, this one was a good bounce back, but still there is no moral victories when you play hard like this and put yourselves in a position, you have to capitalize, but again I’m not taking anything away from what [Eagles Head] Coach [Nick] Sirianni and his staff and his team did.”

On Commanders DB Emmanuel Forbes Jr’s experience learning in the game and sticking with him:

“Absolutely, it is the only way they can grow. Be out on the football field, make your mistakes, make your plays, learn, and get better.”

On if he saw anything from Commanders DB Emmanuel Forbes Jr. as he was being targeted repeatedly:

“I think they took an experienced guy and did some things. They ran that bubble and go and he guessed. You have to be disciplined. You have to read your keys and make your plays.”

On WR Terry McLaurin’s late-game catch that was ruled out of bounds:

“Well, unfortunately, you know, the explanation I got was that they couldn’t see it clear enough. And because there was no definitive [catch], you couldn’t overrule it, according to the rules. So, you know, they did it by the book and you have to respect that they did it by the book.”

On how important it was for the Commanders to bounce back from last week’s loss:

“It was very important and I think I told you guys on Wednesday that I really liked the way they came to work on Wednesday, I thought they practiced hard on Wednesday, I thought their focus was on and getting ready for Philadelphia, you know, and this’ll be a tough pill to swallow, but I told them in the locker room, ‘Once we get back to work tomorrow, we’re moving on, we’re getting ready for Thursday Night Football.’”

On if his frustration is a sign of what he thinks the Commanders can be:

“Very much so. I mean, there were some mistakes we made that I think that we have to get past – just the little things, just a couple more little details that we have to be a little more prepared with, because if we are – I mean you saw us, we played a very good team out there, we have a chance, but let’s start winning.”

On what those “little details” are:

“Just details, details of your job, details of what you’re supposed to do, you know, we all have to be better, you know, we have to see how to help our guys even more so to give them the opportunity to be successful on the football field.”