Eagles 5th-Round Draft Pick LB Jeremiah Trotter Jr.

Q. Could you take us through what that moment was like hearing your name and being around family when that moment happened that you knew you were coming back to the Eagles? (Chris Franklin)

JEREMIAH TROTTER JR: It was great. It was a great moment. Something I worked to try to be at and tried to accomplish my whole life, and I’m extremely grateful. I thank God, I thank the Eagles organization for giving me that chance and having the opportunity. I’m just ready to get to work now.

Q. Obviously, there was so much speculation with your dad, his history with this organization. What did it mean to you to finally see it come to fruition and be able to follow him and sort of potentially be that stalwart with the Philadelphia Eagles? (John McMullen)

JEREMIAH TROTTER JR: It definitely means a lot. I know the type of legacy he left with this organization and the fans, just how they treated him and coaches that he played for and players he played [with] with the Eagles. It definitely means a lot to be able to come in and continue that legacy and just try to help out the team any way I possibly can.

I’m a hometown kid and the Eagles were always my favorite team growing up. It’s definitely great to be able to play for them and just have the opportunity that I have.

Q. Is ‘Trot’ your nickname or does that just stick with your dad? (Howard Eskin)

JEREMIAH TROTTER JR: Yeah, a lot of people growing up always called me Trot. That is really the go-to. I don’t know why but everybody always – that’s like the go-to as far as they call me Trot.

Q. I don’t know how many indications you got about where you were going to be selected, but now you get through day two, how tough was that going to sleep that night and then seeing linebackers come off the board in day three? Nervousness? What was it like? (Howard Eskin)

JEREMIAH TROTTER JR: For me, just anxious. You never know what’s going to happen when it comes to the draft. I kept my faith in God that I was going to end up right where I need to be and right where he wanted me. I feel like it worked out and I’m grateful to have this opportunity.

At the end of the day it’s just — I mean, you always got to prove yourself no matter what round you go in. I’m just ready to get to work and try to help out the team however I need to in whatever way the coaches feel like I can and need to. So, I’m ready to get to work.

Q. How many teams kind of gave you some indication that you could be going to that team? (Howard Eskin)

JEREMIAH TROTTER JR: Honestly, from talking, all my meetings with teams, they went very well. They liked me as a player, liked what I could do. Not everybody is going to love you, but I feel like a good amount I had great conversations with them.

But sometimes it just didn’t work out. Maybe they like another guy just as much or more. But at the end of the day I can’t really focus on that because that’s — those are things I can’t control. I was just waiting patiently, seeing where I could go, and the Eagles ended up giving me the opportunity to be able to come and I’m ready to go. I’m going to give it everything I got.

Q. Executive Vice President/General Manager Howie Roseman in his pre-draft talk with us was asked about local players and what his view was on them, and he thought it was important to kind of understand what it’s like to be in this city, to understand the vibe in this city. What is your take on the fan base? They can be pretty demanding. You’re used to it I guess. You’ve seen it. So, how important is that for you? (Ed Kracz)

JEREMIAH TROTTER JR: Yeah, I’ve definitely been in the area. I know how they will love you up but also get on you when you need to hear it. But I feel like that’s what comes with the job title anywhere that you go play for. That’s what you’re going to get.

Coaches too. They love you up and get on you when you need it. When you can play a sport at such a high level and have this type of profession you just got to be able to roll with the punches and keep working and try to make sure that you’re the best that you possibly can be and just control what you can control.

Q. Obviously, you grew up with your dad as a linebacker. How are you different from him, like the way he played and everything like that? It seems like you guys don’t have the same style I guess. How would you describe your game compared to his? (Martin Frank)

JEREMIAH TROTTER JR: I’d probably say definitely the size and just how our body types are and how we play the game. He played the game where he’s more like trying to — up in it the gap, spiking gaps, running, getting downhill, and just blowing up lineman. In today’s game, I’m more of a run around, run sideline to sideline. I got to be able to play out in space.

So, I feel like that’s the biggest part of our games that are different and the style of play that we have.

Q. At the combine you spoke about how you were proud of being Jeremiah’s Trotter’s son. You never shied away from that. When you were at St. Joe’s prep when you were growing up, how did you deal with — I don’t know if the term is ‘pressure’ — but kind of all that came with carrying that name’s legacy like you mentioned before? (Zach Berman)

JEREMIAH TROTTER JR: Honestly, for me I didn’t feel like there was any pressure. My dad would always talk to me and say there is no pressure. ‘You’re your own player, your own man. You have your own you journey.’ We’re different, as far as how we play the game. And I just got to go out there and be me, use the tools that God blessed me with and use them to the best of my ability and try to be the best player I can be as an individual.

I don’t feel like there is any pressure to live up to his legacy or anything. I don’t feel like there is a weight on my back. I’m just trying to get to work and just be the best I can be.

Q. A lot of people want to know if you want to wear number 54. It’s open. (Jeff McLane)

JEREMIAH TROTTER JR: I definitely will ask them if I can wear that. Hopefully they’ll give it to me. I’d really appreciate it.

Q. If you wouldn’t mind just painting the picture for us a little bit — where you were you when you got the call, what was that call like, and what was both your and your dad’s reactions? (Olivia Reiner)

JEREMIAH TROTTER JR: I was actually in the car with my uncle and my dad and one of my aunts. We just finished up watching — I was at my brother’s spring game trying to make sure I support him as well. But I was watching that, and then we got in the car and I was watching the draft on my phone. I had it up and I got the call. I saw like the tag that said PA and I immediately knew who it was going to be.

Just super happy. My dad shed some tears. My uncles and my aunt giving me hugs and everything. Super happy and super grateful for the opportunity. So, it was definitely an emotional moment.

Q. Your teammate RB Will Shipley is coming to Philadelphia as well. What kind of light can you shed on him as a player, person, teammate? (Ed Kracz)

JEREMIAH TROTTER JR: I’d probably say if you want to think of somebody that’s committed to his craft and just being a great person, a picture of [RB] Will Shipley would come up. He is a great teammate, a great person. He is a man of God. He’s very strong in his faith.

Just overall he is a very hard worker and wants to be the best he can be and he’s a team guy. He’s very passionate about the game. I could go on and on about Will Shipley. The Eagles definitely got a really great player with him and I’m glad we will be reunited in Philadelphia and be able to continue to be teammates.