Eagles 5th-Round Draft Pick OG Trevor Keegan

Q. Congratulations on being drafted. Just wanted to know, did you have any interactions with Eagles Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line coach Jeff Stoutland? If so, what were they like? (Chris Franklin)

TREVOR KEEGAN: Yeah, I have. We were able to get on the phone right after they selected me and just talk on the phone, try to get to the playbook as soon as possible. We’re both excited on both ends.

Just telling me the work that needs to be done to be great at this game and have success in the league. So I’m just willing to do everything that I can to learn from these older guys, veterans, as well as Stout. He’s one of the best offensive line coaches to ever coach this game. I am just going to be a sponge to him and learn the playbook as fast as possible, meet my teammates, and get this thing running.

Q. Just take that one step further from Stout. The players on the offensive line, what do you know about guys like LT Jordan Mailata, LG Landon Dickerson, RT Lane Johnson, and C Jason Kelce just retiring? What did you know about those guys? (Ed Kracz)

TREVOR KEEGAN: Absolutely. You know, even before I got drafted to Philly, as an offensive line guy, you know, watching the Eagles play and how they play, you know, they’re the leaders of the team. They go as the team goes.

Really Hall of Fame guys in there. Great dudes. Lane is in the same agency as me. My agent and Lane were pretty fired up for me to come here. Just even as a fan, before I got drafted here, the tush push, the physicality, and the nastiness that the unit plays with is something I liked to embark on in my game while I was is college. I think I fit in perfectly and really excited to get this thing running.

Q. I want to ask you about you guys won the Joe Moore Award two years out there, your O-line. That’s a cool thing. I don’t know how many team honors there are like that in college football. What did that mean to you guys, to you, and I guess the emphasis that you guys had as an O-line, as a group that that exemplifies? How much do you want to carry that over into the NFL? (Reuben Frank)

TREVOR KEEGAN: Absolutely. As an offensive lineman, being able to win a unit award is special. It was more than just a unit award. It was tight ends, it was running backs, quarterback checking protections. We were just a well-oiled machine that moved as one.

Everything we did, how we prepared for games and the genuine love we had for each other is why we were so good.

You know, it’s not like we had five first-round draft picks on the offensive line. Just had guys who loved to play football and were physical, and like I said, a genuine love for each other. When you love the guy to your right and to your left you play harder for them.

I truly believe that, and that’s a testament to why we’re so good the past couple years.

Q. I promise I have a real question, but are you wearing an Eagles jersey right now? (Dave Zangaro)


Q. Is that Eagles Hall of Fame WR DeSean Jackson? (Dave Zangaro)

TREVOR KEEGAN: I got this DeSean Jackson jersey probably when I was in sixth grade. It fits right now so I put it on.

Q. I wanted to ask you about your time early at Michigan. I read you thought about leaving. Wondering why you decided to stay? (Dave Zangaro)

TREVOR KEEGAN: Yeah, it was a very tough decision that I had to make. Me as a player, I want to get on the field, want to play, help the team, do everything possible to be out there on the field.

For the first time in my life not playing, it definitely stung. At the end of the day I just wanted to play and it was up to me. I’m not a quitter. Never quit anything I have ever done. I never back down to a challenge and I accept it and look myself in the mirror.

I had to make some changes in my game, study the playbook in and out and do everything possible to get on the field. I’m so eternally grateful that I decided to stay. Man, when you stay and stick to it and you tend to your work and work in the dark, you are going to shine in the light. That’s exactly what happened. I couldn’t be more grateful for my five years at Michigan.

Q. Welcome to Philly. I know you have extensive experience at left guard. Played a lot there at Michigan. Curious how you look at maybe potentially moving to the right side, if you have that in your skillset. And the pre-draft process, you talked about Stout calling you after. Did you have a sense that the Eagles were interested? (John McMullen)

TREVOR KEEGAN: Yeah. Obviously, we met at the Senior Bowl and the [NFL] Combine and I told him, ‘I love the way you guys play. I feel like I fit the identity of your team.’ The draft process is interesting because you meet with a bunch of different teams. You know, my agent was like these are the teams interested today and they were teams I really haven’t talked to in the past couple weeks, so it was definitely like a whirlwind of an experience for sure.

Something I’ll forever be grateful for. Yeah, like you said, position versatility was a huge thing for me. Zach and I would always switch in fall camp or spring ball. I’d take snaps as well during practice.

Yeah, position versatility, to be able to be a swing guard, get in there at center was a huge thing for me. I practiced that this past four months, snapping and definitely stuff on the right side as well.

I think that was a huge thing that I wanted to show and display to these teams. I’m excited to do that and hit the ground running in rookie mini camp.

Q. This might seem like an obvious question, but I was curious as to obviously you guys won the national championship. Been a three-year starter. Won a ton of games. Playing in the BIG10 against top competition. How much do you think that prepares you for the NFL? (Martin Frank)

TREVOR KEEGAN: Most definitely. I think Michigan alone sets itself apart from everyone else. Especially with [former Michigan head] coach [Jim] Harbaugh there. We had an NFL-type schedule. It was a business. When you’re there at Michigan you get the coaching, you get the training. It’s a first-class program that we had. Our coaches did a great job preparing us. I feel like our scheme is an NFL scheme and it made my job very easy learning installs on these Zooms and things like that.

Very similar communication and calls, so I think Michigan just sets you apart. Like you said, the competition, we played everybody. I’ve been able to play Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Penn State. Really excited for this opportunity and I know these guys are all freaks in the NFL and continue to work my butt off.

I’m just really excited for this opportunity. I can’t wait to be in Philly.

Q. Trevor, so that jersey has been with you since sixth grade and still fits? (Ed Kracz)

TREVOR KEEGAN: Man, maybe more to be honest with you. Might have been since elementary school. I’m pretty sure it’s like a double [extra large]. I was a pretty big kid back in the day. It’s a little snug though.

Q. That’s what I wanted to ask you. You are a pretty big guy. How would you describe your style of play to someone who hasn’t seen you play? (Ed Kracz)

TREVOR KEEGAN: I was able to watch my film the past three months and just studied myself. The thing that pops out is I’m just a tone setter. I love setting the tone in the run game. I love the first short yardage, being able to blow the guy off the ball, the tush push I’m excited for. I can’t wait to practice it and do it with the guys. You are getting a competitor, a guy who loves to win and breathes football. It’s who I am and all I’ve ever done. I think if I didn’t have football I would probably go crazy.

I’m just excited. I know the culture in Philly. Everybody has been texting me about it and I’m super excited. I feel like I fit in perfectly.

Q. What are they telling you about the culture in Philly? (Ed Kracz)

TREVOR KEEGAN: I keep seeing this tweet of me with my shirt off chugging a beer saying I’ll fit in perfectly. I’m just excited.

And I know how much Philly fans love sports and how courageous, and the city, they love their sport teams. Definitely a place where I wanted to go. Fans who love their team and they’re going to be harsh when times around good but they’re going to love you when times are good. I’m just super excited for this opportunity and to play in front of these fans.