Eagles 6th-Round Draft Pick OL Dylan McMahon

Q. Congratulations. What was it like when you got the call knowing you were a draft pick? You know, not everybody gets to be one of those. What was your reaction to that? (Ed Kracz)

DYLAN McMAHON: Yeah, it was — I was stunned. I was shocked. Already been a long day and I was already kind of just like, is it ever going to happen really. Just seeing that call, seeing the Philadelphia area code and knowing you were the next pick and hearing [Executive Vice President/General Manager] Howie [Roseman] voice at the end of was a surreal feeling and meant the world to me.

It’s what I’ve been working for since I was six years old when I first touched a football field and it was amazing.

Q. Had you had any pre-draft interactions with them at all? (Ed Kracz)

DYLAN McMAHON: Yeah, so I met with them twice at the Shrine Bowl, once informally and once formally. Other than that, hadn’t had anything else.

Q. I know previous years you played both guard spot and then you moved to center this year, last collegiate year. What went behind the decision to play center? And how do you think your versatility will help you out? (Chris Franklin)

DYLAN McMAHON: For the first part of the question, just me moving to center this last year was what was best for our team. I just like to be able to have that versatility so I can plug and play whatever they need me.

This year they needed me at center and I love playing center. That’s my favorite position to play. Just being able to plug and play anywhere the coaches need or anywhere I can help out is what I really pride myself in. Being able to be that team player for any of the guys that might need me to step up in one of those positions.

Q. You’re coming to Philadelphia, so I don’t know how much you know about Former Eagles C Jason Kelce, but he was drafted in the sixth round, much the same as you. Not much pressure on you. I was curious how much you paid attention as a center to somebody like that, or do you look at professional centers and try to mold your game after them? (John McMullen)

DYLAN McMAHON: Right. Yeah, I would say he’s [Former Eagles C Jason Kelce] the best center to ever do it. I would say I looked at his game a lot because of how — I’m an undersized guy, and watching him be able to play the way he did, his leverage and skillset, trying to take any little bits and pieces I can from his game is what I tried to implement this year at my level. Being able to be at a place he was at is an honor just to be there.

I look forward to meeting him at some point and trying to learn some more from him as the road goes down.

Q. Kind of along those lines, your athletic testing numbers were really impressive. Did you expect to do that well? And take me through the process to get ready for the combine. (Dave Zangaro)

DYLAN McMAHON: Yeah, I appreciate that, first of all. Yeah, I did. I expected to test well. I knew that the combine was going to be a big thing for me because I am an athletic offensive lineman. Being able to show my athletic ability was there was going to be huge for me.

Just going through the testing process, I had a great coach at Exos being able to show me how to do the right technique and put together my athletic ability with technique to get those great numbers. I was just blessed to go out there and perform the way I did.

It was an amazing experience.

Q. I wanted to ask you kind of like about the Eagles interior offensive line. Obviously you got G Landon Dickerson, G/C Cam Jurgens who is playing center now. Just how you feel you might be able to fit in there, what you can learn from those guys as well as the other guys on the offensive line. (Martin Frank)

DYLAN McMAHON: Right. I think that’s what I’m most excited for, just to get in there and learn from those guys. It’s one the best offensive line groups in the country. Just to be able to learn from guys like [G] Landon Dickerson and [G/C] Cam Jurgens who was there learning from [Former C] Kelce the past two years, and then [T Jordan] Mailata and [T] Lane Johnson, just the experience they have on the outside and just being able to get in that room and absorb all the knowledge they have is just going to be an amazing experience, and to be able to take any bits and pieces I can from them is going to be awesome.

Q. Congratulations. Growing up in Savannah when you did, is LB Nolan Smith someone you knew or were friendly with at all? (Zach Berman)

DYLAN McMAHON: I would say I knew him [LB Nolan Smith] growing up a little bit. He went to my rival high school before he went to IMG, so I definitely knew about him a little bit growing up because we played each other for I think one year.

I never really talked to him much. Looking forward to getting that connection back and being able to talk to someone from Savannah and hopefully do future things back in Savannah to help the community and stuff like that.