Eagles QB Jalen Hurts (Post-Game Transcript)

On whether he felt the need to take over the game himself when the offense was struggling to move the ball in the second quarter:

“For us, we found a way to get it done. The reality is that the league is different from moment to moment. For us, we just continue to grow. Obviously, there were a ton of guys that made plays out there, not just myself. But there were a lot more plays out there for us to make.”


On the big performances by both the Eagles defensive and offensive units:

“You’re talking about four turnovers, and you have 255 rushing yards. That’s pretty impressive.”


On the play of RB D’Andre Swift:

“It was not anything that I didn’t know. He’s a great talent, a great player, and a great person and teammate. He took advantage of the opportunity that he had and he had a career day. I don’t know if he’s ever rushed for 175 [yards] but it was a hell of a job and we needed it from him.”


On the challenges that opposing defenses are presenting to the Eagles offense:

“This is a disguise league. It’s always quarterback versus defensive coordinator. It’s an adjustment, and everyone is going to try to find the best way to attempt to slow us down. It’s about how we respond to that and how we execute. I think it’s all over the tape what we’re capable of. Nobody wants [WR A.J. [Brown] catching balls down the field or [WR] DeVonta [Smith] catching balls down the field, or the threat. It’s about being able to attack those things even though they have that in mind. That’s a development thing for us as an offense. I talk about the identity that we’re yearning to find, but when you rush for 255 [yards], that’s not a bad day.”


On the team’s 16-play drive:

“I think we set the precedent for how things are supposed to look and that’s the funny thing that makes me chuckle. We set the precedent for how things are supposed to look and you see all these beautiful balls down the field but we rushed for 255 yards that’s a testament to the offensive line. The way [Eagles RB] D’Andre [Swift] was running the ball and the other guys when they ran ball given their opportunities. Winning is the only thing that matters.”


On what’s behind Eagles WR A.J. Brown’s frustration:

“I think everybody wants to make plays and everybody wants to contribute. I have no worry about him, he’s a great player, a great teammate, a great friend, and we’ll do anything and everything to win.”


On if it’s tough when everybody wants the ball:

“We won. We won, I don’t want to make it bigger than what it is. We’re talking about external factors here, those things don’t matter. What’s said out there, that can potentially divide this group, doesn’t matter. We won.”


On how the play to Eagles WR DeVonta Smith developed:

“I think it kind of just happened. It was kind of a check there, me and Smitty communicating. It was a big play, a big play in the game. You know that’s what everybody wants to see, so I’m happy they got to see one of those today.”


On the team’s identity so far this season:

“I think we are a work in progress. What better way to be a work in progress than sitting on two wins out of the gate in ten days or however many days it was. We strive for progress, not perfection. Obviously we all have a standard for ourselves. Obviously we demand the most of ourselves because of everything that we go through together, all the work that we put in together, and all of those things. We are going to continue to keep chipping away. We understand as we continue to climb this mountain and we go on, there will be different challenges that come along, but the only thing that matters is winning. Truly, the only thing that matters is winning. I think if we can continue to develop, grow, and learn from our mistakes and learn from our successes, and learn from all of these different things. In fact, the same things that I’m saying now I’d be saying if we lost. But the reality is, winning is the only thing that matters, and everything is done with winning in mind. For us, we just want to continue to grow as a team, continue to develop, and find that identity for us and continue to grow together.”