Eagles QB Jalen Hurts (Post-Game Transcript)

On how feel feels following the game:

“I feel fine. I’m happy how we responded, especially coming off of last week. It was a great opportunity against a great team out there. I have a lot of respect for them as a team. I think we played really good complementary football.  We had some negative plays, obviously with the fumble by me. We can’t have that. I must be living bad with the other one, the tipped ball. I’m just happy with how we played together, how we persevered, and we found ways to respond. We really did a good job in the fourth [quarter].”


On whether he suffered a knee injury during the game:

“I’ll be fine.”


On whether he put a knee brace on during the game:

“I did.”


On the recent stretch of receiving game performances by WR A.J. Brown:

“He’s a great player. He’s a great player and he works really hard to be where he is and to do what he’s doing. We need that from him. He’s working and it’s showing.”


On if there was a thought the knee brace could hinder the success of the QB sneak:

“No, it wasn’t.”


On reuniting with Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa after the game:

“Really just excited that we won the game. He’s having a great year, they have a great team. As far as me enjoying the moment with my guys, that was a big win for us.”


On responding after the pick six:

“I mean, nothing really needs to be said. It’s another very unfortunate play, but you know, we’re mentally in the game, it’s just pressing on and continuing to do the things we can control. You know, we did a great job there, great job. It was obviously a big moment in the game, and then [Eagles CB Darius] Slay making the play he made, the defense playing great all night. It was a great team win.”


On the last drive and the mindset and making a statement:

“Nah, I think it’s, you know, I think its great decision making, great call by [Eagles Head] Coach [Nick] Sirianni and great trust in us on a ton of those fourth downs. Not only the fourth and one’s at the end of the game but the fourth and five or six where [Eagles WR] AJ [Brown], I think, scored but they took it back, we got to the one. I think it was a ton of growth and a ton of areas for us as a football team from top down and that’s what its about. Every person in this organization is owning a growth mindset and growing and just trying to be the best we can be. I think the one thing we can never forget is that everyone has a role so the challenge every day is just to dominate that role and learn as much as you can about your role so you can do it at a high level. And that’s everyone’s mindset in the building.”


On tying Randall Cunningham’s record of most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in franchise history:

“It’s crazy. It’s kind of cool to do that wearing his old jersey.”


On getting Eagles WR Julio Jones the ball:

“Yeah it was good to get him a touch. Obviously he’s a great player. I’ve already spoken on that. I think his resume speaks for itself. We’ll just continue to see where the year takes us with him. I know he comes here. He’s ready to go, ready to work. Trying to come off the street a little bit in the middle of the season, but it speaks for itself with him.”


On the plan for his health this week:

“Nothing too much. Just getting ready for the next opponent.”


On what happened on the play when he got the ball to Eagles WR A.J. Brown on the 1 yard line and whether that was a scramble play:

“It was. I guess I hadn’t been too good at those outside the pocket this year but that one worked.”


On Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni’s 4th down decisions:

“I think again it’s just great trust. You know there’s a process to everything and he tries to implement a process to everything he does so there’s a reason for everything. I think that’s the best way you can be. For him to have the trust in us and the moments in that situation on all of those 4th downs. Go out there and make a play and execute. That’s all that matters. I think it’s a constant response when I get the questions about, ‘What do you think you could have done better?’ ‘How do you answer to this?’ ‘How do you respond to this?’ or whatever it is. The answer is always execution. So when you execute at a high level and doing things the right way and everyone is on the same page, it can be very special. When that is not the case, not so much. We just want to continue to grow. Have the right mentality moving forward. Be diligent with the game. Remain persistent with it. Keep pressing on. Keep building positive momentum. Just keep growing.”