Eagles QB Jalen Hurts (Post-Game Transcript)

On the team finding a way to win:

“What an incredible win and an incredible sense of perseverance and resilience from this team. We still have yet to play a complete game. We’re still hungry and eager to continue to grow and build upon the things that we’ve been able to do. Just way to show up in the end. Obviously we have some things that we want back defensively, offensively, and on special teams. But it’s always about finding a way. I just think the resiliency that this team played with, and the way guys were able to be disruptive towards the end of the game. Obviously offensively we have to be better at managing the situations at the end of the game. But all that matters is winning. That’s something that I’ve been saying all year.”


On the long touchdown pass to WR DeVonta Smtih:

“Obviously we were taking advantage of the opportunities that were given to us. I feel like we have to be better and we have to continue to grow. I’m as hungry as ever to continue to try to strive for those new heights, but I think it all comes down to execution. When we do that at a high level, we’re pretty good. When we’re not, we’re not. It’s a mater of everybody being on the same page and growing through that together. This obviously is a very important time for everyone as we enter this phase of the season. It comes down to execution.”

On the hit on the knee and how he scrambled and then the touchdown and whether he is feeling anything on the knee:

“I don’t really know what to say. It was a gritty win, it was a gritty win. It was a tough win. Much respect to that team. Always very competitive and have great players. But I don’t think the bye week could come at a better time.”


On what happened on the play where he was stumbling and almost fell over as he was running to the sideline:

“I don’t remember, I don’t remember.”


On if he sensed the energy he gives his team while playing through injuries:

“I don’t like it being that way. I love to be all good but, as I said I’d do anything for this city and for my teammates. It takes what it takes and that’s simply put. Whatever it takes and I’m just happy that we were able to gut out this win and we showed so much resilience.”


On what he thinks aggression does for the offense if it is helpful:

“I think it is. I think it can be very imposing when you have that mentality of being aggressive. I think if that is who we want to establish ourselves as then we have to stand on that and be who we are. So, I think that there is a ton of room to grow in a ton of different areas. Consistency in our execution, being committed to certain things. But for us we just need to continue to grow. That’s what it comes down to and I’ve said this before in how this is a results-based league, but the reality is, it’s all in the details of your execution. And so, when we execute at a high level, we’re pretty good and when we don’t we run into issues. A lot of things we can learn from this game, I can’t wait to watch the tape but, if we don’t turn the ball over that always helps.”

On what the final defensive stand says about the defense:

“A ton of credit for that defense, man, [for] how they played out there today. Those guys are out front being disruptive, pushing that pocket back. You know, you have times in a game where you’re a repeat offender, or throughout a season where you’re a repeat offender of a mistake that you’ve had prior to. And I feel like for us our offense in the end of the game, we were a repeat offender where we had an opportunity in the last game last week to put the game away and we did not, and we put our defense back on the field. That’s not what you want to do, and we did that kind of today too, as well. So, those are opportunities for us to grow and we need to learn from that. But, I think for our defense, and being in the situations that they’ve been in, and I rarely ever talk about that, obviously we all have our role, we all challenge ourselves to be better at our roles and our jobs. But, you look at the defense and the situations that they’ve been in throughout the season and how they showed up today in this moment whether it was a [defensive pass interference], a holding, or whatever, they found a way to respond. So it’s a great job by them. And obviously with them [the Cowboys] having an opportunity to score as many as they did and not giving them one – [Eagles DE Brandon Graham] got into the ball to put us in a game of inches, you know, and just a ton of credit for them, just continue to grow, that’s the mindset.”

On what the team was trying to accomplish after going up two scores and only running nine plays since then:

“Obviously it’s about being efficient, executing, and getting first-downs when you’re at that point in the game. That’s what it was and we failed to do that. That’s something we want to continue getting better at. We have to get better at that if we want to be the team we want to be. You look at last week’s game. You know the Jets game where these things come up. We can’t be repeat offenders. We can’t make the same mistakes over and over again. We’re having these conversations. I have this demeanor here. I have this hunger in my heart. So we’re sitting here 8-1. So that’s a very great feeling. Yet it’s about winning, but it’s about the standard too. So we just want to continue to raise that standard and play to the standard. Play the type of ball we want to play.


On how important it is to keep his rushing game going and keeping defenses guessing on third-down:

“I mean it kind of just happened that way. I didn’t – I don’t even know what the rushing thing was today. It’s just kind of been playing it by ear this whole entire time. It comes to a point where it is truly a whatever it takes mentality. That’s a great team win. Selfishly I don’t think the bye week could have come at a better time.”


On the plan for managing his knee injury:

“We’ll see. I don’t know.”


On his relationship with Cowboys QB Dak Prescott:

“He’s a player that’s been through a lot in his career and on his journey. It’s always good to see him succeed and continue to do a great job for his team as a leader and as a player.”