Eagles QB Marcus Mariota (Post-Game Transcript)

On what his assessment is of his play today:

“I was sloppy. I can do a better job of getting our guys operating cleaner and more efficiently. But that is what preseason is for. Kind of get some of that stuff ironed out. Clean off some of the rust. We’ll find ways to get better.”

On whether his overthrown passes are a mechanical issue:

“No, I just think looking at it, just missed it. Sometimes that’s what it is. When you take a look at tape you can kind of break down the mechanics, but right now, for me, I just missed the target.”

On whether it was intentional that he did not run much:

“Not necessarily. I think that’s just kind of how the game went. Moving forward I know I can kind of use both my legs and my arm. And if need be, whatever it calls for, I’ll do.”

On how the acclamation process has been to this offense:

“Taking it one day at a time. There’s going to be good days. There’s going to be bad days. And just being able to learn from it. I think that is what is most important. For me in this role, I have to be able to just go out there and operate cleanly. I think that is what is great for me in these preseason games. It creates an opportunity for me to get real live reps. To get those experiences. If need be, if I have to come in, I can operate cleanly and just get in and out of the huddle and just making sure it’s running efficiently.”

On his opinion of how Eagles QB Tanner McKee played in the second half:

“I thought he did great. Giving our guys chances to make plays. He was moving the ball and made some big-time plays in critical situations. I think that’s really cool for him as a young guy. Like I said, I think for our entire group just being able to learn from every scenario in every situation. The more that he gets his experience and the more that he plays, the more he’ll feel comfortable in the system. So I thought he did a great job today and we’ll continue to learn as a group.”

On how the acclamation process has been with the Eagles compared to other teams:

“That’s a great question. I’m not really one that reflects a lot especially when you’re in the middle of it. But for me, personally, I love the quarterback room. I think it’s great. I think [Eagles Offensive Coordinator] Brian [Johnson] and [Eagles Quarterbacks Coach Alex] Tanney do a great job of outlining what the expectation is for us at the position. So for me, again, I’m learning as I go and I’m learning through these experiences and good, bad, or indifferent, I’ll take it on the chin and just learn.”

On his perspective of the injuries during the game specifically to Eagles WR Tyrie Cleveland:

“Your heart goes out to them first and foremost. You just think about your teammate. We play a game and it’s the best thing to play a game, but when these situations get like that it is scary. You just think about him and you pray for him and you hope from a health standpoint that he’s okay.”