Eagles QB Tanner McKee (Post-Game Transcript)

On the shirt he wore on the sideline:

“I dont know, I’ve had this since high school. It’s kind of reminding me of living the dream. Just being on the field. I could be anywhere working and I get to play football for my job. Yeah, I like this shirt.”

On how he assesses his performance tonight:

“I have to watch the film because I feel like there is a lot of things when I watch film where I’m like, ‘Yeah, maybe I should have done this.’ I thought overall, thought it was a decent game. I felt pretty good as far as managing the offense and everything. Obviously a couple that I wish I had back and I wish I could do again. But overall, I thought it was decent, but definitely a lot to improve on.”

On whether he feels he processes and gets the ball out quickly:

“I think for me a little bit of my game, my job as a quarterback is to get the football into the playmaker’s hands. They are a lot faster and can make guys miss and a lot of other things when they have the ball in their hands. I feel like my job is a distributor to be able to put the ball in their hands and let those guys go do what they do.”

On how he feels he balanced staying in the pocket letting his receivers get open versus holding it too long:

“I feel like every quarterback has that mental timer. Knowing when you hit the top of the drop you only have so many seconds. I feel like our big guys did a great job today. I was really excited about the way that they played. I’m going to watch it on film. Maybe there were times where I shouldn’t have escaped or left a little early or maybe could have stayed in the pocket. But you know, we’ll see, and watch those plays and hopefully learn and grow and progress.”

On the biggest differences from college:

“I’ve said this once, I feel like in college there’s always that one player that was like, ‘We might have to scheme against this guy because he’s big, he’s fast, he’s an NFL type player.’ And then you get out here and everybody is tall, big and fast. There’s not like, ‘That corner is super short so we can just throw a fade over the top because he doesn’t have the height.’ Everybody kind of has all the tools so you really have to rely on the fundamentals. In college, I don’t feel like my timing as a drop mattered as much as it does in the NFL. If I’m off just a little bit, if I cross over on my three-step drop when I should have done a chop-timing, then I feel like it makes a big difference. In college I feel like I could make it up with my arm or something like that. But in the NFL, everybody is so good and so fast those windows open and close so quickly that I think timing is the biggest thing.”