Eagles QB Tanner McKee (Post-Game Transcript)

On how he would assess his play in the preseason:

“Overall, great learning experience and a great opportunity. That was one of my goals coming in to the preseason was obviously get my feet wet, get out, play with my guys and get back on the football field. I feel like there were a lot of things to learn, especially, I mean, tonight as well that I’ll have to go watch and improve on, but just thought it was a great learning experience for me and I was really thankful for that.”

On how beneficial it was to face the Colts’ starters compared to reserves:

“Yeah, it was great, I think for me I was able to see some guys in the NFL that have been here a while, like they kind of know as an offense what we are looking for, what are some things they can do to kind of throw us off. So, you know, movement pre-snap, really trusting your eyes, trusting your footwork, trusting your coaching I think is huge because it’s harder to plan ahead when you are playing with guys that really know the game and have been in the NFL for a while. So I think, for me, that is a great learning experience, kind of like I was saying before, just being able to find little tells, or trust my coaching, and trust my eyes a little bit better post-snap.”

On whether he was surprised to play this many snaps in the preseason:

“Yeah, I mean I was super happy with the snaps that I was able to get, and super thankful to the coaches and everybody for allowing me to get what I did, and I just try to play my best football and put my best foot forward and show my potential.”

On the most important thing he has learned over the preseason:

“That’s a good question. In a nutshell, I would say the little details matter. I feel like everybody kind of says that and everybody kind of knows that, but, you know, I kind of said it before with the footwork being maybe a little bit off. You know, maybe taking a baby hitch or having your eyes in the wrong spot for, you know, half of a second I think is detrimental to a play and could be to a drive. So, I would say just honing in on the little details, you know as a quarterback you have to know what everybody is doing, but knowing what everybody is doing down to the detail. Where’s this guy’s aiming point and where is this receiver? What depth should he be? Should he be inside edge of the numbers for splits? and I just feel that helps me as a quarterback as a whole. So going back and just studying those little details. ”

On whether he sees how far he has come since coming into minicamp:

“Yeah, I would say so. Just growing as a person, as a leader, and as a football player for sure being around a great group of guys. Our quarterback room has helped me become a better NFL quarterback. Having great examples like [Eagles QB Jalen Hurts] and [Eagles QB] Marcus [Mariota] and [Eagles QB] Ian [Book] and having those guys in a room seeing me try to put my touch of what is going to be my routine and what is going to be my pre- and post-practice regime. Also learning from them to see what they do. To see what has worked for them in the past because they have a lot more experience than I have.”

 On how much his confidence has grown since he has arrived:

“I feel super confident. Our coaches, players, and my ability with sticking to my routine and going out and playing ball. I feel like I play best when I play loose and everything is second nature. Not trying to think too much, but going out and playing ball, and finding my routine in the NFL.”

On whether he sees this upcoming year being a massive learning experience:

“Absolutely. I think it is going to be a huge learning experience for me with learning what these guys do and how they prepare for games. For me, my role is going to be prepared in case anything happens obviously. Hopefully nothing happens to [Eagles QB Jalen Hurts] and I hope he plays every single snap. It is obviously my job to be ready and to help them in any way possible in practice or being off the field with, ‘Hey this corner is doing this?’ Helping them with giving them little details and being a good teammate and helping out all of the other guys.”

 On the challenges of not playing moving forward:

“Getting ready like you are the starter when you know your chances of probably playing are pretty slim is definitely a challenge. I would say at Stanford, I feel like I tried to do that my first year and I actually got to play my first game due to COVID and how crazy that was. It was definitely a lesson learned that you have to be ready because crazy things happen and football is a physical sport and a violent sport. Like I said, we obviously hope that nothing happens, but things do happen. Just me being ready, preparing like I am the starter and being the best teammate that I can be.”