Giants Head Coach Brian Daboll (Post-Game Transcript)

On the quarterback switch:

“Just tried to spark the team. I don’t really have anything else to add to that. I just did it to try to spark the team.”


On if the change did spark the team:

“I don’t mention plays, I mean – we started out the second half well. Obviously, the kickoff return had an interception for the touchdown. I thought he made a great play. Had a slant route to [Giants WR Darius Slayton], but that was the reason for it.


On what wasn’t working in the first half:

“We weren’t scoring any points. We were one for eight on third down.”


On the mechanics of the spike:

“He went down. You know, he fought his way to get back and stay in. Would have been a touchdown if he’d run off.”


On the quarterback position for the final two games:

“I’m just worried about tonight here. We’ll talk about that here this week.”


On saying Giants QB Tommy DeVito had earned his start:

“So, I made a spark. I don’t really have anything else to add about it right now. I made a change to try to make a spark.”


On Eagles RB D’Andre Swift’s performance:

“He’s a good player. He made some really good plays, some cutback plays, some bounce-off plays. We talked about him before the game. He’s a good football player. He played well, I’ll give them credit. Came down to the end.”


On getting riled up:

“Because it was a competitive game. You don’t like to lose.”


On the false start on Giants C John Michael Schmitz Jr.:

“You can ask those guys.”


On what the refs said about the false start:

“Yeah, you can ask the refs.”


On the one foot down in the first half:

“I’d say, any official questions, you can ask those guys.”


On Giants LB Bobby Okereke’s play:

“Yeah, I mean, they got a field goal out of it, so it was good they got a field goal, not a touchdown.”


On the difference between Giants QB Tommy DeVito and QB Tyrod Taylor:

“I’d have to look at the tape.”


On if he was worried about the second half:

“Worried at halftime? It’s a 60-minute game.”


On how it feels to lose to the Eagles again:

“Competitive game. Give them credit.”


On Giants TE Darren Waller’s injury:

“I’ll have to talk to the trainers.”