Kellen Moore

Q. What’s it like to come into a new job and have this kind of talent on the roster? (Reuben Frank)

KELLEN MOORE: It’s been a really fun process. Through this whole process, you’re kind of getting to know the personnel. And obviously how [Executive Vice President/General Manager] Howie’s [Roseman] handled this off-season has been phenomenal. Just the pieces we added to complement the pieces we have in place. I think it’s been a phenomenal setup, and we’re really, really excited about it.

Q. What do you recall from your head coaching interview here? How much was that on your mind when you took the OC job? (Dave Zangaro)

KELLEN MOORE: Really fun process. Really impacted me how phenomenal the people were. Fortunate to get to know [Chairman and Chief Executive Officer] Mr. [Jeffrey] Lurie, [Executive Vice President/General Manager] Howie [Roseman], the whole crew. They had a really long, thorough process. It was really impressive.

Obviously those relationships and those conversations extended beyond just that day or two. Obviously those things, I think, have led us hopefully to something where we’ve had an opportunity to come here and team up with these guys.

Q. How is your system different from what the Eagles have done during the past three years? (Zach Berman)

KELLEN MOORE: I think everyone’s got their different flavor from a systematic approach. Our real focus here, as we’ve gone through this process, is we’ve got a lot of good going on. We can’t lose the good in the reps that [QB] Jalen [Hurts] and [WR] A.J. [Brown] have developed and [TE] Dallas [Goedert] has developed and this offensive line has developed. How can we build off of those things and really connect the whole thing.

That’s been a really fun process. There will be tweaks. There will be changes. Everything is constantly evolving. That’s part of this whole off-season program. We got to the first week of actually being on the field with these guys. Once you get on the field, things just start evolving.

That’s really where we’re at. We’re at a really beginning level of this thing. We’re really excited to go through this process. With phase 3 get a little more field work. When you get to training camp is when you can hammer the run game and the play action game and how that stuff connects.

Q. [Head Coach] Nick Sirianni was talking about outside ideas, blending philosophies, finding someone who has other answers. What’s that blending like? What’s it like with you guys working together? Just kind of an insight what that experience is like. (Brooks Kubena)

KELLEN MOORE: I think it’s a really fun process. Fortunately, like most of us who go into the profession, you have different times in your career where whether it’s a new coach coming in, or you’re going into a new place, people have different exposures. The more conversations you can have, the more discussion points. Hey, we had an issue with this. We had a potential answer, vice versa, and you have that continuous conversation.

It’s been really, really fun. I love the opportunities that we can sit down and just talk about things. I learn from Nick [Sirianni]. Hopefully I can bring some things that people can learn hopefully from just maybe an experience that I’ve had that’s different than theirs. I think that’s part of this whole process. We’ve got a really, really good coaching staff here. There’s a good reason — I was fortunate to bring [Quarterbacks Coach] Doug [Nussmeier] and [Offensive Assistant] Kyle [Valero], but a lot of guys stayed here because we’ve got a really, really good staff.

Q. How does that compare to previous stops? Is it more collaborative? Do you feel like it’s a different process to what you’ve done in the past? (E.J. Smith)

KELLEN MOORE: Each stop is really the big emphasis is on collaboration. Whether it’s — I was fortunate to hop in as an OC role. We kind of kept the system in place and made our little adjustments when [Former Dallas Cowboys Head Coach] Jason [Garrett] was our head coach. [Current Cowboys Head Coach] Mike [McCarthy] came in, in Dallas, and we were fortunate to merge those two worlds together, and it was a really fun process. Going to L.A. last year, we had a similar thing, try to keep some of the things in place, build off of that, and kind of build ultimately what our 2023 last year. This year our focus is ultimately what do we want 2024 to look like? Whether it comes from 2023 or beyond. Whatever it comes from, it comes from.

Q. What are your first impressions of QB Jalen Hurts, and how is he unique? (Jimmy Kempski)

KELLEN MOORE: Really enjoyed [QB] Jalen’s [Hurts] process. So far really it’s focused on how he processes the game and just kind of the classroom aspect of it, and we’re beginning the field process of really getting out on the field and being able to do this thing.

I’ve really enjoyed our conversations. I think he’s a really smart player. He has a great feel for this game. The more conversation we have, the more we get to make these adjustments and build off of this thing. Jalen’s [Hurts] one of the premier quarterbacks in this league for a reason.

You see it on film previously, but obviously getting on the field now, you’re certainly seeing it.

Q. With Quarterbacks Coach Doug Nussmeier and Offensive Assistant Kyle Valero, it seems like an apparent focus on quarterbacks. What do you guys feel needs to be accomplished there, and what do you bring differently in terms of quarterbacks with your coaching staff? (Brooks Kubena)

KELLEN MOORE: I think any time the quarterback room — you always have to be conscious of how many voices are with the quarterback. Fortunately, I’ve been around Doug [Nussmeier] for a number of years, really since he joined our staff in Dallas in 2018. But in 2020 he became the quarterbacks coach. We’ve kind of done this thing together for a number of years now.

We kind of complement each other in certainly personalities and the way we coach. We can kind of play off of each other, feed off of each other really, really well. He does a phenomenal job with the details and the fundamentals just of playing the quarterback position, and he does a great job with that. The more you’re around him, you see him out on the field, the drill work and all the things that he does to tie the pass game together for the quarterback is huge.

It allows me to kind of stay in the scheme aspect of this thing, to be a little bit more on the philosophical side while still being able to overlap. I think that’s a critical aspect of this thing.

Q. How different will it be having a quarterback like QB Jalen Hurts who is such a threat in the run game as opposed to the other quarterbacks you’ve had in the past? (Martin Frank)

KELLEN MOORE: Certainly what [QB] Jalen’s [Hurts] done in the run game, there’s a handful of guys that can do this in this league. It’s certainly a really advantageous thing that we can continue to utilize, and certainly we will.

It’s a process that I’ve enjoyed, just better learning about how we’ve been able to use him and then exploring some other ways as we continue to grow this thing, how we can continue to build off of that.

It’s something that Jalen’s done a phenomenal job with, and we’ll obviously continue to embrace.

Q. What’s been the process as far as getting to know QB Jalen Hurts? Maybe not as much the football stuff, but just kind of getting to know him as a person and building that connection? (Reuben Frank)

KELLEN MOORE: I think that’s the fun process in the whole thing. It’s a very ongoing process, just like any player on our offense. Anyone who comes into a new environment, you’re trying to connect with the guys as much as you can. So I’ve really enjoyed that process, even if it’s a 30-second, one-minute conversation heading out to the field, all the different things.

What you quickly realize is from [Chairman and Chief Executive Officer] Mr. [Jeffrey] Lurie to [Executive Vice President/General Manager] Howie [Roseman] to [Head Coach] Nick [Sirianni], this place has been built on some phenomenal people. You quickly feel it just being around this building, it’s a really special place. I’ve really enjoyed it.

Q. From your interview to be the head coach in 2021, what did you learn about this organization through that process, and did you rely on some of that information when it came time to accept this job? (Ed Kracz)

KELLEN MOORE: At the end of the day, it was just a really awesome opportunity to meet the people and connect with them. Like I was saying earlier, with [Executive Vice President/General Manager] Howie [Roseman], [Chairman and Chief Executive Officer] Mr.[Jeffrey] Lurie, everyone, a lot of this building was a part of that process. So those relationships continue to grow even beyond that couple days that process went on.

It’s been really good. You quickly realize how special the people are here. It’s a really good organization. There’s guys who have been here for a number of years for a really good reason. You quickly felt that, and it’s continued certainly up to today.

Q. Are QB Jalen Hurts and the players learning a new terminology? (Jeff McLane)

KELLEN MOORE: Terminology, plays are plays. Words are words. I think it’s a combination of things we can build off of. If everyone understands a play and it makes sense, let’s keep things in place. It’s not that complicated.

We’re continuing to evolve the system to make sure the language ties together, that the communication can be clean, and whether that word comes from Philadelphia, Los Angeles, or somewhere in between, we’re building that as we go.

Q. So does it come from Philadelphia, Los Angeles, or somewhere in between? (Jeff McLane)

KELLEN MOORE: All three.

Q. As a player and as a coach, you played with and coached high profile offensive talent. How do you make sure everyone is involved and happy, for lack of a better term, when you have so many weapons on offense? (Zach Berman)

KELLEN MOORE: Certainly we’re really excited about the guys that we have in place here. A lot of guys who can do a lot of different roles and a lot of variety. That excites us as far as just the way we can present things for the defense, challenge people pre-snap with all the different alignments and personnel groups that we can play with.

That will be a continuing building process. I think the biggest thing is having clear identity of who we want to be, and ultimately week in and week out understanding their role certainly through a game.

There’s going to be certain games where guys are going to get more attention than others, understand that you’re a big part of it. You may have the big time assist on a play that gives us an opportunity for someone else to score a touchdown. Maybe the next week now it goes vice versa and someone else has to help the other guy out.

So I think there’s that continuous trust as we build this thing.

Q. When it comes to motion and offense, that’s been one of the things that’s a little bit different, the Eagles, a lot of ways to impart information. The Eagles haven’t used it a lot. You’re typically in the top ten. Is that something based on the players, or is that your sort of philosophy to have? (John McMullen)

KELLEN MOORE: Certainly the shift in motion aspect of it, it probably goes back to how I grew up around the game with my dad being a high school coach, then being in college at Boise State, we kind of used it a lot. It’s always kind of stuck with me. There’s obviously advantages to it.

There’s some things that you’re trying to gather information for the defense, and there’s other times you’re simply stressing the defense. So I think there’s those two elements. Ultimately you’re trying to build packages and create things so that the run and the action game and the drop-back game. So there’s alignment and similarities with the presentations that allows us to stress the defense with those different looks.

Q. What’s your perspective on game day from a play calling perspective, what is the most important thing for you? (Bo Wulf)

KELLEN MOORE: Clean operation. As far as for me, just keep a clean operation for the quarterback. Hopefully we’ve prepared the right way. We understand that adjustments have to be made during games. There’s always those elements. You’ve got to be a clean, steady, operation for the quarterback. He deals with a lot during games. Understand that aspect of it. Hopefully I can provide that.

Q. Who have you admired the most as a play caller? (Bob Brookover)

KELLEN MOORE: As a play caller, you learn from each and every experience. I think that’s the big thing. I don’t think I’m stuck in this is the one way of doing things.

My dad was a high school coach. I was fortunate enough to play in college for [Former Boise State Head Coach] Chris Petersen, who was a really phenomenal coach at Boise State. Through my NFL journey, I’ve been with a bunch of head coaches whether I was a player or coach. You take different examples from each and every one of those guys. You continue to evolve as a coach just like our systems continue to evolve.

That’s the biggest thing is we just continuously embrace it. We’re constantly trying to find what’s the next element, what’s the new thing, what’s something that can give us an advantage? I think that’s the most important aspect of this thing.

Q. What are your impressions of RB Saquon Barkley? (Tim McManus)

KELLEN MOORE: Saquon [Barkley] is a premier running back, first and foremost. We’re really excited about his ability to run the football. Obviously behind this offensive line, he’s done a tremendous job. They have such cohesion and done a great job up front. He’s going to be a great running back.

We know the aspects that make him great. It’s his ability to be a great pass protector, to be a receiver out of the backfield. He does a phenomenal job with those things. Obviously we’ve got to try to utilize him as much as we can while understanding it’s a long season for running backs. We’ve got great guys behind him in [RB] Kenny [Gainwell] and [RB] Will [Shipley] and all the guys back there that we’re excited about. We’re fortunate to have Saquon.

Q. With the transition from the Cowboys to the Chargers, what did you learn about yourself as a coach from that transition as you feel it continues from the Chargers to here? (Chris Franklin)

KELLEN MOORE: I was fortunate in Dallas to go from a player to a coach. I was kind of in the same place for eight years. Going somewhere really ultimately very new to you, very little connection initially, you learn to grow. You learn how to make the adjustments necessary as you kind of build a system and all that sort of stuff. I think you definitely grow a lot from that experience, and hopefully it helps moving forward to this place.

Q. Former Eagles C Jason Kelce was responsible for blitz protection and pickups for many years here and he’s no longer here obviously. Do you anticipate C/G Cam Jurgens will assume that role? (Jeff McLane)

KELLEN MOORE: I think it’s a similar process as far as [C/G] Cam [Jurgens]. Obviously you’re continuing to evolve that system. It will take the whole off-season and even through the season continuing to utilize — the offensive line has a great perspective. The quarterback has a great perspective. Ultimately those guys have to be aligned and on the same page. Really excited about getting on the field with these guys and really building that system and understanding what tools we have in the tool box, continuing to have those conversations where we can have the answers necessary to handle the different challenges that defenses present.

Q. What are the keys to supplying quarterbacks answers against pressure? (Brooks Kubena)

KELLEN MOORE: It’s just having a clean tool box. There’s a lot of different things we can do. Just making sure it’s clean, effective. As you build it, you’ve got to continue to evolve so that one week maybe your answer is a certain play, then maybe the next week you’ve got to make the adjustment off of that.

That’s, I think, the continuous evolution through the season. There’s going to be different challenges each and every week. We’re going to walk into a room and deal with the blitz protection, and we’re going to look at it, and there’s going to be a couple challenges each and every week. That’s what these defenses do. They’re really good. They scheme you up. They give you a lot of challenges.

So you’re continuing to find, okay, what’s the next tool that we can use? What’s the next tool that we can use? While still keeping it clean for the quarterback so he knows exactly what he needs, and he can handle it accordingly.

Q. What have you found to be the most challenging elements of blending offensive philosophies? (Dave Zangaro)

KELLEN MOORE: That’s a great question. I think it really just comes down to making sure the language is consistent. I think that’s the biggest process. When maybe you make an adjustment with the language, as funny as this may sound, making sure it doesn’t fall into an issue down the line and something else. Whether you make an adjustment to a pass play. Maybe the words now associated with a screen and vice versa. There’s just some language stuff that we’re continuing to make sure we keep it really clean for these players so they can play fast and know exactly what we want to accomplish each and every play, so they can just go for it.

Q. To follow up, it sounds like you’re keeping some language. You’re bringing in some of your former language. Then you’re creating new language to have it all sort of fused together. It sounds complicated. Is it a complicated process? (Tim McManus)

KELLEN MOORE: No. Plays are plays. Football is football. A lot of us have been exposed to this. I think the biggest thing is you want to just make sure the language is connected. Each and every year, even if — in Dallas every single year we went through this process. It was the same process. You go through it, and during the season you just want to clean up the language, make sure it’s clean.

So some of this language, some of it will fall into 2023 Philly. Some of it will fall into Dallas or L.A. Some of it will ultimately come from, hey, we just want to clean this whole thing up, and we’re going to create a new family of words and associations.

That’s the biggest thing for us is just making a really clean system. That’s what you do each and every year no matter where you’re at.

Q. When you were hired, what did Head Coach Nick Sirianni say he wanted from you as the offensive coordinator? (Bob Brookover)

KELLEN MOORE: Nick [Sirianni] and I, we’ve just had some great conversations. We’ve been in contact, we’ve known each other for a number of years. Tons of respect for Nick. Really, really enjoyed, when we competed from opposite sidelines, but then getting to know him off the field, we went through the interview process, it was phenomenal. Really good group.

I think the biggest thing was I felt like, hey, we got some really good stuff going on here, and we can’t lose the good. Nick and I are really, really excited just to team up on this thing, team up as a whole offensive staff, and really just build this offense exactly how we want to in 2024.

Q. What have you learned about Head Coach Nick Sirianni that maybe you didn’t know before you came here? (Bob Brookover)

KELLEN MOORE: I think he’s [Head Coach Nick Sirianni] excellent with the details and holding guys accountable to the details and the fundamentals. That’s what I’ve been really, really excited about these first few weeks of just getting on the field is how much attention we focus on the fundamentals and details. I think he does a phenomenal job with it. He does a phenomenal job of holding guys accountable in the team meetings with it. It’s going to be a really exciting process.

Q. Where do you stand on how much you give a quarterback autonomy to change plays at the line? (Jeff McLane)

KELLEN MOORE: Ultimately they have a front view seat at this thing. We want to give the QB tools and the ability to make the adjustments necessary at the line of scrimmage while also trying to keep it as clean and concise so he can play fast.

Ultimately, we want them to have the ability to make the adjustments necessary, but we can’t dilute it to the point that he’s got 500 million things that he can potentially do at the line of scrimmage and now we’re not all on the same page.

A lot of times the QB note is what it is, but it’s also making sure all 11 are tied to what the adjustments are. [QB] Jalen’s [Hurts] been phenomenal. I’m excited about building that process with him.

Q. In your sixth year as an offensive coordinator, how has your youth and playing experience helped you or factored into your coaching? (Zach Berman)

KELLEN MOORE: Obviously I’m 35 now. When I first got into it, it was funny because I was really slid into the OC role, and I was with a lot of guys I had actually played with. As you’re going, obviously that aspect of it changes, and you become a little bit of an older coach so to speak.

Obviously anyone who’s been able to be fortunate enough to play in the league, play in college football or wherever it may be, you can always lean on those experiences and those exposures. It’s been a fun process. I’ve really enjoyed just getting to know these guys, getting to know this staff, spending time together, and building this thing.

Q. About his Dallas background coming up in the Eagles building. (Bo Wulf)

KELLEN MOORE: Obviously it’s unique within the division. I was fortunate to be there for eight years. Obviously I had a lot of great experiences. This thing’s been awesome here. I’ve really, really enjoyed it. It’s been a lot of fun.

Q. When you look at the offense from the last six, seven games — and Head Coach Nick Sirianni has kind of admitted it kind of grew stale and everything. What did you see? Where did you kind of figure you can kind of add your touch to that? (Martin Frank)

KELLEN MOORE: It’s hard for me to judge it totally, being from afar, because I don’t know the day-to-day aspect of it. Obviously every team’s going to go through different challenges. Those things come up, whether it’s wins-losses, offensive success, defensive success.

I think we’re really focused on 2024. You learn some lessons from 2023, just as far as some different things that come up, but you really just try and move forward.

I wasn’t around for that. So I’m probably a bad judge. You guys were around it closer than me.