Nick Sirianni

Q. Has there been any conversation with anybody in league circles about postponement, rescheduling, anything with the league you can tell us? (Rob Kuestner)

COACH SIRIANNI: No, they tell us where to play and when to play and we’ll play there. Haven’t heard anything; plan on playing at Sunday at 1:00.

Q. If they do postpone it, say to Monday or Tuesday, how much of a disadvantage is that for the following week? (Jimmy Kempski)

COACH SIRIANNI: You know what, I’m not going to think about that. I don’t want to think about hypotheticals until they happen. Obviously, we have plans and everything like that, but not going to get into that. We’ll be ready.

Q. What’s the status of QB Jalen Hurts for Sunday? (Jeff McLane)

COACH SIRIANNI: He was full today. He’s questionable, but he’s trending in the right direction and we’re hopeful.

Q. How challenging is it with Washington not knowing who their quarterback is going to be? (Ed Kracz)

COACH SIRIANNI: Again, I just kind of deal with the things we have to deal with in our building. Don’t try to put myself in that situation unless I was forced to. Again, we have plans for everything. If anything happens – if [Eagles Senior Vice President of Communications] Bob [Lange] goes down we got a plan, right?

And so, again, I don’t want to speculate what they’re doing. Just we’re ready and we’re doing everything we can do to make sure guys are ready.

Q. With Jalen Hurts, the decision whether he plays or not, is it just can he go or are you factoring in if he plays, could this hamper him down the stretch? (Bo Wulf)

COACH SIRIANNI: Of course, everything is in play. Always want to do what’s best for the player first and then the team. If he’s going, it’s because he’s healthy enough to go.

Q. Does that mean he took all the reps with the first team? (Jeff McLane)

COACH SIRIANNI: We still had – [QB] Gardner [Minshew] had some things in there. He had a lot of the reps today, yeah. He looked good in the workout he did beforehand, and he took a lot of reps today, yeah.

Q. How about RB Jordan Howard and RB Miles Sanders? How are they doing? (John McMullen)

COACH SIRIANNI: Yeah, they’re ready to roll and excited to have them both back on the field to lead our rushing attack.

Q. What type of practice did you have today then? Just trying to gauge Jalen Hurts’ participation. (Tim McManus)

COACH SIRIANNI: Normal Friday, which is full speed. Yep, full-speed Friday just like we did September, October, November, all the way through. So, it was a normal practice.

Yeah, he was full.

Q. How did he respond? (Tim McManus)

COACH SIRIANNI: He was great. He’s, obviously, been in this mentally all week and ready to go all week, you know, preparing like he’s going all week, so I thought he had a great practice today.

Q. Do you want to make a decision on Jalen Hurts before game time, or could it go up to game time? Do you want to know by Saturday’s walk through, anything of that nature? (John McMullen)

COACH SIRIANNI: Obviously the sooner you know the better. Again, like I said, I feel pretty confident and feel really good about where he is at right now. The sooner you know the better, but that’s not always realistic. Sometimes you have to wait it out and sometimes you don’t have that liberty and you’re at the liberty of the ankle, the liberty of the player and how he feels, and what the trainers and the doctors and strength staff are telling you, too.

Again, feel hopeful with where Jalen is and the way he practiced today and the way he worked out today, so I’m excited about where we are.

Q. Is there any sense where WR Quez Watkins is? (Zach Berman)

COACH SIRIANNI: Can’t comment on any of that. Obviously, he’ll test, and if they say he’s ready to go, he’s ready to go. If not, he hasn’t been here all week, hasn’t practiced all week, so that’s always into discussion as well.

We’ll wait to see what the tests say and make a decision from there.

Q. What’s the process like of getting film or tape of who they might be playing at quarterback, whether it’s Washington QB Kyle Allen or Washington QB Kyle Shurmur? (Martin Frank)

COACH SIRIANNI: Shoot, I think they got tape of me at Mount Union in 2003. Our video department has everything of what we need to see. Again, you always want to prepare obviously for the scheme that you’re playing against, but then obviously the players that you’re playing. It’s always about the players and their talents and what they do.

So obviously we have done a lot of homework of getting that information. We got great guys — like I said, our video department has cut-ups of everybody. Every play they’ve ever played, any play they’ve ever played on this situation, any play they’ve ever played on the left hash, right hash.

I mean, you can pretty much sort anything you want, which is different than obviously when my dad was coaching, they had to splice the tape, cut the tape, do all that on the reels.

We have a lot of abilities here to do that, and so — which I’m very thankful for. And so, yeah, we really have an opportunity to watch any player however we need to watch them because of the video department we got.

Q. Pro Bowl rosters will be announced Monday. CB Darius Slay told us Wednesday he expects to be, thinks he’s done enough to do it. A. I believe you would agree with that? (Rob Kuestner)


Q. And B. he was just mic’d up, and you could kind of see some things on him that maybe we wouldn’t always see, like his smarts and the way he’s calling plays before they actually happen. Can you talk about that a little bit and that side of him? (Rob Kuestner)

COACH SIRIANNI: Obviously Slay’s ability to play the game, and his ability is off the charts, but what you see that’s common out of most good players is their instincts, and their instincts of how he dissects the game, how a guy’s split comes out, what his release looks like. And so, he’s a student of the game. He’s got great instincts, he’s smart, and obviously he’s got great ability, so that’s a great combination and he’s got my vote for the Pro Bowl.

Now, I can’t vote for our guys, but if I could, I would be voting for him. That doesn’t mean my family members aren’t voting for him online and stuff like that.