Pool Report (Post-Game Transcript)

PFWA Pool Reporter Zach Berman Interview with NFL Senior Vice President of Officiating Walt Anderson 

San Francisco at Philadelphia

Sunday, December 3, 2023


Question: Three questions about the sideline interaction, if you will. The first, why was Dom DiSandro asked to leave the sideline?


Anderson: “The officials had a flag on the field for a personal foul by San Francisco No. 57, and then there was continuing action. And so what Rule 19 allows us to do is provide assistance by looking at the video. And we saw video that showed that there was a staff person that made contact with the player and that the player involved, No. 57, made contact with the staff member which warranted his disqualification. The non-player, he was contributing to that escalation. Rule 19 does not afford us the ability to help the officials in throwing a flag that they do not throw for a non-player. That’s only afforded for a player action.”


Question: So that seems to actually clarify all three questions there. Just for further clarification, Dre Greenlaw was ejected for the contact with the non-player. Is that correct?


Anderson: “Correct.”


Question: And then, there is not allowed to be a flag (from New York) on the non-player on the sideline. Is that correct?


Anderson: “Yes. Rule 19 allows us to assist the officials by observing the video and using video  to assist in the administration of a foul that they called on the field. We can help them to assess a penalty against a player, but not a non-player, although we can assist with identifying the non-player who would be disqualified.”


Question: That is very helpful. I appreciate this. Anything else about the play that I should make sure to include here?


Anderson: “I can’t help but say that we felt like the officials, not only on this play but throughout the game, did a very good job of preventing the situation from escalating further. So, we commend their efforts there.”