Shane Steichen

Q. QB Jalen Hurts hasn’t thrown an interception in practice in a long time. How do you think he’s doing balancing taking care of the ball while also taking risks down the field? (Eliot Shorr-Parks)

SHANE STEICHEN: It’s what you said, he’s done a hell of a job making the right decisions, especially in practice, going through his reads, going through his progressions very nicely. Then when he’s had a chance to make a big play out of the pocket, he’ll take it. If not, he’s doing a good job of throwing the ball away when he needs to.

Q. We’ve seen RB Kenny Gainwell have some ups and downs in camp. How has he handled it all and what do you expect from him? (Dave Zangaro)

SHANE STEICHEN: [RB] Kenny [Gainwell] did a really nice job in the game against the Browns. He ran the ball hard. He’s improving every day, and we’re just looking for that growth in year two more than anything with any player. We want to see that jump in year two, and he’s been doing a nice job.

Q. Now that you had a chance to review the tape of the Browns game, what did you think of the way that C/G Cam Jurgens played? How much does his athleticism open things up in the screen game? (EJ Smith)

SHANE STEICHEN: I thought he did a hell of a job. First play of the game he got out on the edge and put that guy on the ground. He’s doing a really nice job with the calls, the points, the protection stuff, and then you can see the athleticism getting out in space. He’s a really good get for us. We’re excited about his future.

Q. I know you want to avoid player comparisons, but when you watch him on film, do you find yourself thinking, that looks like C Jason Kelce? (Bo Wulf)

SHANE STEICHEN: I don’t want to compare players because they are all unique in their own ways, but he shows some really good signs of athletic ability that we are excited for.

Q. What did you think about the RPO game, with QB Gardner Minshew running it on Sunday? (Jeff McLane)

SHANE STEICHEN: He did a nice job. He came in, he operated at a high level, I believe he was 14-17, had over a hundred quarterback rating. Really pleased with that group in general and just overall. We had three drives, scored on the first two of them and then got down there and missed that opportunity on fourth down, but almost had three scores on three drives with that second group that was in there. So really pleased with their performance, and we just have to continue that.

Q. Is that something that you feel that he excels at versus QB Jalen Hurts or is that something you guys wanted to see? (Jeff McLane)

SHANE STEICHEN: We just did a little bit of that. He does a nice job operating the offense. Again, like I said, all those quarterbacks right now are playing pretty good football and we have to keep that going.

Q. Last year in a game, running the ball, you usually used two running backs and you’ve got three that you’re playing a lot here. Is there going to be a change there or do you have room to really get all three in to what you want to do? (Geoff Mosher)

SHANE STEICHEN: I think obviously [RB] Miles [Sanders] is our guy but really excited about [RB] Boston [Scott] and Kenny, what they bring to the table. And if those guys have to go in and play, I feel really good about our backs, I really do. All three of those guys bring something unique, they all do something really well. They see it well, they hit it well and they can catch the ball in the backfield. Feel really good about the group in general.

Q. What went into the decision to play RB Boston Scott first and have him take almost all those carries there? (Geoff Mosher)

SHANE STEICHEN: Boston had not practiced a lot, so we wanted to get him going a little bit and get him out there. He did a nice job. Then Kenny obviously came in and carried it well and scored that touchdown there. It was really good to see both those guys perform at a high level.

Q. When you think about short yardage and goal line situations, the prototypical power back, is that something a team needs, or do you think those yards can come in different shapes? (Zach Berman)

SHANE STEICHEN: They can come in different shapes. Sometimes you see those big runners that can mull it in there, but then you have Boston from a stature standpoint, he can find those little creases. Same with Kenny. Then Miles has that speed to power that can hit it. So not really concerned about that. All three of those guys can do it.

Q. From a data perspective, QB Jalen Hurts played that role for you last year. Do you view him as a power type back? (Zach Berman)

SHANE STEICHEN: He can be. I think all those guys if they need to run between the tackles, they can do it. It’s been proven that all four of those guys can do it. Like I said, feel good about all those guys.

Q. With QB Jalen Hurts going into his second year in the offense, are there some things last year that maybe you didn’t implement that were in the playbook that now there’s a comfort level with him? (John Clark)

SHANE STEICHEN: I think with anything, going into year two and being in the same system for the first time since high school, there’s a comfort level right there with the terminology standpoint. Then you can obviously build on that. With anything, with any offense when you’re in it for a while, you can build on it and add wrinkles, and we’re looking at doing some of those things.

Q. With TE Grant Calcaterra coming back from injury, which area does he need to catch up the most? (Dave Zangaro)

SHANE STEICHEN: I think with anything, most guys that are playing tight end in the NFL, it’s that in-line blocking. We want to see that from him this week. See where he’s at with that. Feel good about it. But we have to see it. Feel really good about his receiving skills, running routes. He’s proven that early on in camp. But it’ll be good to get him back out there.

Q. When it comes to TE Noah Togiai, what have you seen in the difference from last year to this year? (Chris Franklin)

SHANE STEICHEN: I think it’s being in the system for year two, and he’s been in the system in Indy. But he’s been doing a nice job blocking, running routes, catching balls and it’s been showing up in the preseason games. He has great growth right now and he’s doing a nice job.

Q. The defensive players talked last week about the value of seeing under center runs, play action plays. Play action was such a big part of what you did with the Chargers, how do you use play action here and why are you not much of an under center team? (Zach Berman)

SHANE STEICHEN: I think we can be. It doesn’t mean we’re not. Can we? I think it depends who we are playing and what we are trying to get accomplished from a play action standpoint. If we feel that we can do a play action in the gun great, but if we feel we need to do under center, that’s great too, so that will be on a week-by-week basis.

Q. Does QB Jalen Hurts have more comfort in the shotgun versus under center? (Jeff McLane)

SHANE STEICHEN: I think it depends on the play. Honestly that’s really what it is. Under center you get some pull. Depends on what type of play action you’re trying to run without getting into too many details what you’re trying to accomplish from the gun or under center.