49ers QB Brock Purdy (Post-Game Transcript)

On playing in Lincoln Financial after the injury last season:

“It was sort of in my mind, I got hurt here. That was this year, late in January, but was it going to be the revenge game or anything like that? No. For me, it was Week 13. We’re going into a new year. It’s a hostile environment. We needed this game. We need this game and obviously we have some really important games coming up too, so that’s where I was at with that. I didn’t want to get distracted by, ‘I’ve got to go back and show everybody what could’ve happened or what could’ve been.’ Got a new team. This is 2023 and that’s where my mind was at.”


On how special the offense’s performance was:

“Outside those first two drives, it’s like that’s the Niner football that we know. That’s the offense that we know. Everyone’s doing their part, everything’s clicking obviously, some great play calls, and then everyone just makes plays and does it the right way. We protect the ball, defense does their job, that felt good. And that’s what we’re always trying to do. That’s the standard that we know and that’s the standard that we’ve set over the years. That’s what we expect out of ourselves.”


On WR Deebo Samuel playing with something more:

“Yeah, I mean, going into the week, obviously, Deebo had a little something to him. That’s just who he is, and he can do that. He’s good enough to do that. But was it a distraction or anything like that? No. Deebo’s practiced hard all week. Every single week, he’s done that, and he’s been very consistent this year. But, going into this game, yeah, he had a little something. A little history with obviously the way things went down last year in the playoff game and he’s definitely looked forward to this game, coming back into this place. So, he was pumped about it and ready to go. Man, all I had to do was get him the ball and some space and he made the rest happen. Really happy for him.”


On having a WR Deebo Samuel run knocking down the defenders on his rush in the second quarter:

“Yeah, I was just trying to extend the play. I felt like I could shake him once he tried wrapping up, so I broke that tackle. After that, I guess I laid my shoulder down, and I think it was [Eagles S Reed] Blankenship. It was just a scramble. It wasn’t anything like, I am going to pull a Deebo here.”


On how important the first touchdown drive was with important third down play conversions:

“That is something we have been harping on as an offense that we want to be better on third down. Obviously, we have had some explosive plays on first and second down, but when it comes down to third down, we need it. We need to be better. This game to come out and be efficient on third down was huge for us. We set up obviously, all of our drives to continue to go down and score. Those third downs were huge. I am very proud of our guys. Everyone was where they needed to be. The O-line did a great job of handling everything with their front. They had a really good front. We all felt good about it, the third downs.”


On what was said after the first two possessions and whether any adjustments were made:

“No one was freaking out or anything. It was more like we have to get the ball rolling. We need a positive play. We need to envision and see a positive play and have some momentum and be creative off of that. Especially for myself as a quarterback, I just needed to see myself completing a ball, get a completion, get things rolling, and we did that. [49ers Head Coach] Kyle [Shanahan] called some plays to allow us to get the ball out of my hands pretty quick to get into a rhythm. Once we did that, we rolled from there, and we didn’t look back.”


On the defense forcing two field goals and how much that motivated him:

“Yeah, it was huge. Defense was doing their thing. Going into the game, we thought they did really well last year in that game. And then obviously the quarterback situation happened and then the momentum was given to the Eagles. So, for this game, the defense was like, ‘No, we’re going to show them what we’ve done all year and what we started to do last year in the beginning of the game.’ So, for them to come out and get those stops, hold them to field goals. It was up to us on offense like, ‘Man, let’s get their back, let’s get things rolling and get some points on the board or a touchdown.’ And that’s what we did. It was complimentary football when we needed it.”


On the six touchdowns in a row and if that impresses him or not:

“Yeah, I mean, I’m not getting caught up in it. It was literally every drive we have to continue to put up points, we have to score. That’s just our mindset, that’s where we were at. Guys made plays. Kyle called a great game. Defense got stops. And that’s our mindset. It was like man anybody can score a touchdown at any point with our offense and the guys that we have on offense. Was I going, ‘Alright that’s four in a row, that’s five in a row’? I wasn’t thinking like that. It was where are we at situationally in the game and we just wanted to keep the foot on the gas pedal and try to keep pulling away as best as possible.”


On whether keeping the foot on the gas was part of the emphasis especially with a team like the Eagles:

“Yeah. I’m very proud of our guys to be able to get up like that with two scores. And then Philadelphia comes back, they get the momentum. [49ers LB Dre Greenlaw] gets ejected. They score. And then for us to continue to go on a run, and multiple runs, to continue to score and have that lead continue to grow. That was huge for us, especially on the road in this kind of environment with that team, with [Eagles QB] Jalen Hurts and they are a great offense. It was huge for us to be able to get our momentum to continue to roll. That was huge for us. I think that was a big step for us as an offense.”


On if there was a possible flashback when seeing Eagles LB Haason Reddick:

“No, like I said before, that was a football play, it happened. He was trying to get the ball last game, that’s just how it all happened and so going into this game, they have so many other good players, we weren’t just, ‘Haason Reddick, we got to be careful.’ Obviously, we honored and respected him and what he’s done, but was I so concerned about him in the game? No. It was what the whole defense was doing as a whole. He’s a great player, and that’s where were at with that.”


On if he and Haason spoke before or after the game:

“I did not, no.”


On WR Deebo Samuel leading up to this week:

“Honestly, Deebo is Deebo, he’s fun to be around, he’s electric within meetings and then obviously out on the practice field. In the locker room and stuff, maybe he was saying some stuff that was fun for all of us to hear but Deebo was just having fun with it. But was it anything out of the ordinary? I don’t think so, Deebo is Deebo. He’s fun to be around, we all knew he was ready for this game, he’s been waiting for it for a long time, yeah that was that. His play did the rest.”