Browns QB Kellen Mond (Post-Game Transcript)

On Browns WR Austin Watkins Jr.’s performance:

“He’s obviously been able to impress a lot since he’s been here and, you know, I had him in [the 2021] Senior Bowl – he was on my team and he was impressive when he was out there, so it just – sometimes it takes certain guys to get opportunities and, you know, he’s done a great job with it.”

On what skills and traits set Browns WR Austin Watkins Jr. apart:

“I mean, he’s big, he’s physical, he’s really fast, got good hands, so, you know, just your quality receiver, and, you know, since he’s been here he’s made a lot of big-time plays, so he’s going to continue to get better and we’ll definitely find ways to get him the ball.”

On where his comfort level was during the game:

“I felt great. You know, I think coming into it we were deciding, you know, how loud it was going to be, you know, playing on the road for the first time this year, but I felt great, felt comfortable in the pocket. [I] was able to have some big-time scrambles, make some big-time throws, so [I] felt good.”

On what goes through his mind when scrambling:

“I think I had one [scramble] tonight and I was back in my endzone, so in the back of my head I was like, ‘Don’t take a safety, but also find a way to move the chains.’ I was able to do both, but it was a big-time scramble. We were able to move the chains.”