Colts QB Anthony Richardson (Post-Game Transcript)

On playing in a contact role compared to practices:

“Honestly that’s my least favorite part of practice. It helps not hitting the ground during practice but it also sucks because of guys saying, ‘that’s a sack.’ and I try to prevent stuff like that especially when I move around in the pocket so they can’t say it’s a sack and I’m just trying to extend plays for the offense and just make it work.”

On balancing his throwing and scrambling:

“I just try to keep my eyes down the field unless there’s a wide open lane. If there’s an opportunity to give someone the ball, then it’s their job to run the ball I just have to deliver it. If there’s an opportunity to give someone the ball I’m going to take that opportunity instead of running it myself, but if I see a lane I’m going to try to take it and get some yards for the team.”

On his checkdown sideline pass to TE Kylen Granson:

“We were trying not to do too many checks in the preseason. We were trying to keep it a little vanilla just so that we can get reps and play fast. But [Colts Head] Coach [Shane] Steichen was on the sideline telling me to check it, and I was like, ‘Okay fine, let’s check this.’ We work that throw all the time in practice. I had a pretty good feel on that and I knew the coverage was going to roll down like that. I was just trying to give my guy a chance and luckily he caught the ball.”

On his excitement heading into the regular season:

“I’m excited to see the way we gameplan. I’m looking forward to playing the long season. We were talking about it in the locker room that it’s going to be a grind for sure. But I’m excited to see how we gameplan against certain teams and see how the offense does.”

On his celebration in the end zone when the Colts scored:

“I was thinking about it before the game. Sometimes when you get into the end zone, you just freeze up and don’t know what to do. So I was contemplating what I was going to do if I scored or if somebody else scored. So I ran down there and I was just flapping my arms and having fun. I hope nobody took it the wrong way. I was just balling, having fun out there, and enjoying it.”