Commanders QB Sam Howell (Post-Game Transcript)

On his reaction after a tough loss:

“Yes, it is a tough loss for us. It was definitely a game I think we should have won and we were capable of winning, but I am proud of the guys on how we fought until the end. We gave ourself a chance to take it to overtime. Obviously, I think we have to do a better job if we get the ball first in overtime. It is our job as an offense to go down and score. We didn’t do that and we were really close. [Commanders WR] Terry [McLaurin] had that catch and I could have gotten it out a little quicker and given him some more room. Definitely a lot of things we have to do better, but give credit to Philly. They are one of the better teams in this league and I think we showed a lot of people that we are right there. We just have to get over the hump. We feel like we can play a lot better and that is the good thing. We were really close against a good team and we feel like we can play better.”

On being young and whether he feels like after today on if he can do it:

“I think I did some good things out there, but at the end of the day, we did not win. I think it is my job to win football games for this organization, for this team, and we did not do that today. We will go back this week on a short week, playing on Thursday night, and we are excited for that opportunity. Definitely, I don’t believe in moral victories or anything like that. We lost the game and I feel like we should have won.”

On whether there was time to process how they performed their two minute drill at the end of the of the 4th quarter:

“Yeah I mean obviously I haven’t really processed much. Just proud of our guys. Our [offensive] line did a good job on that drive. So many receivers and tight ends made good plays throughout that drive. Those are situations we work on all the time. We work on those last play of the games from the 15 or from the 10 yard line. We know what kind of plays we like. I love my matchup with [Commanders WR] Jahan [Dotson]. He made a good play. Those situations we practice a lot of and we have so much confidence when we’re in those situations. So to get the ball back with some time left was definitely a good opportunity for us and we were able to go down and put points on the board. Just have to be able to carry that over into overtime and finish the game.”

On the pass in overtime to Commanders WR Terry McLaurin:

“They went into man coverage. It was something that they don’t like to do a lot of on first and second down but on third down they will play a little more man coverage. The safety came from out of the top and came down. He was playing man on [Commanders WR] Terry [McLaurin] so I knew I was going to Terry the whole time. I just felt like I had to move a little bit in the pocket before I could get the ball out. That was a play we’d like to have back. We were so close. I didn’t see the video of it, but we were told, I think the ref told us that it was a catch. That’s why our offense went back onto the field. So yeah, that one hurt.”

On what he saw during the last play of regulation on his touchdown pass to Commanders WR Jahan Dotson:

“I liked my matchup. Obviously 2 [Eagles CB Darius Slay] the other corner is a good player. He’s got great ball skills, good eyes. He’s always got good eyes. Definitely was probably thinking ‘go away from number two.’ But yeah, I mean, [Commanders WR] Jahan [Dotson] made a good play. In those situations I trust all my guys. It’s more about who’s the best matchup at that time. Jahan made a good play.”

On where he feels he took a step as Quarterback today:

“I don’t know. I haven’t really thought much from a personal standpoint. I’m kind of just more worried about the game. So I’ll go back and watch the film and see all the things I could’ve done better and just try to keep getting better.”

On whether he feels he made some improvement during today’s game:

“Not really. I think I obviously had a bad performance last week and I kind of just put it behind me. Just said that wasn’t me. I just tried to come out here today and be myself and be who I am and try to give this team a good performance out of me. I would’ve liked to win the game for us as well.”

On things the little details the team can improve upon:

“Nothing comes to mind right now. I’ll have to watch the film and see specifically. But I’m sure if he’s [Commanders HC Ron Rivera] saying that he’s probably right. So I’m excited to watch the film and learn from it.”

On what was going through his mind in the last drive of regulation:

“Just try to calm the storm. Obviously the crowd was loud, the clock was running and we didn’t have any timeouts so just trying to get the play called and everyone lined up. Thankfully we had a good play where the corner was playing so far off of [Commanders WR] Terry [McLaurin] and we had a good completion over there to him. But yeah just trying to calm the storm, the things we work on in practice. Credit to [Commanders OC Eric] E.B. [Bieniemy] for giving me a call fast enough where I could go out there and make it right with those guys. It’s one of those things we work on the entire time.”

On if he feels the team’s two-minute drills are getting better:

“I wouldn’t say so. I think in those two-minute situations we’ve been very good, except for the Arizona game. I think the sack fumble might’ve been a two-minute situation and after we got a field goal. I think every time we’ve been in the two-minute situation we’ve been able to move the ball and get some points. It’s one of the first things when [Commanders OC Eric] E.B. [Bieniemy] got here he was setting up our two-minute plays and through OTAs and through camp we’ve worked on two-minute drills so much. Even to the point where guys were tired of doing two-minute all the time, but I think you’re seeing it pay off.”