Eagles 1st-Round Draft Pick CB Quinyon Mitchell

Q. Congratulations, man. (Dave Zangaro)


Q. Take me through what the night was like watching all those offensive players come off the board, and what were your emotions the whole night? (Dave Zangaro)

QUINYON MITCHELL: It was a lot, but I feel like right now I’m with the right fit, I am with the right organization with the right players, right city.

So I feel good about this draft pick.

Q. This is a team that typically likes to trade and this was a bizarre draft in a lot of ways. What did you think about, as cornerbacks, you guys shifting up into the 20s, where you guys fit here with the Eagles, and overall thoughts how it went for the position group and with this organization? (Brooks Kubena)

QUINYON MITCHELL: Yeah, I feel like everything happened for a reason. I mean, I’m in the right fit, with the right organization right now. I feel good. I’m excited and I’m ready to get to work.

Q. Congrats, man. I know Toledo Head Coach Jason Candle was very close to you and a big part of your journey at Toledo. Did you have a feeling and he and Head Coach Nick Sirianni were close? Did you get that through the process? (John McMullen)

QUINYON MITCHELL: I mean, yeah, I always knew they was close. Coach [Head Coach Nick Sirianni] is really close with our coaching staff. They come from that Mount Union tree, so I knew he was close with everybody at Toledo.

Q. Just to follow up on Toledo Head Coach Jason Candle and Toledo Defensive Coordinator Vince Kehres connections with Head Coach Nick Sirianni, what did they tell you about what would it be like to play for the Eagles and play for Nick? (E.J. Smith)

QUINYON MITCHELL: They didn’t really say too much. They just said how they were best friends and how they were at Mount Union and coaching and stuff like that. That’s all they really told me.

Q. First of all, how do you think playing at Toledo prepared you for what you’re going to face in the NFL? Do you feel like you can step in and start right away? Or do you think you need some time? (Martin Frank)

QUINYON MITCHELL: I feel like I can come in and play inside, outside. I got some vets in front of me that I can really learn from. [CB] Darius Slay, that’s somebody who I model my game after, and [CB] James Bradberry. It don’t matter where I play, I just want to help the team.

Q. Welcome to Philly. To play cornerback takes a certain mentality and attitude. What motivates you and brings — what type of attitude do you think you bring to the field? (Chris Franklin)

QUINYON MITCHELL: Yeah, I feel like my whole life I’ve just been trying to demand respect. Coming from a small town, coming from a small college, just wanted to demand respect, and feel like I did that through my college career and through the pre-draft process.

Q. You played apparently a lot of off coverage in college; mixed in some man, too. What are your expectations in terms of how you’ll handle being able to do both in the NFL? (Jeff McLane)

QUINYON MITCHELL: I mean, whatever they ask me to do I’m willing to do it. If they want me to do this, I’ll do that; if they want me to do that, I’ll do this.

Really doesn’t matter. Whatever Coach asks me I’m going to give it 110% to do.

Q. You mentioned the veterans in the room. What do you know about the Eagles’ roster and how you fit in there? (Zach Berman)

QUINYON MITCHELL: I mean, I know they got a good secondary, great secondary. I know [CB] Darius Slay been doing it for a long time, and [CB James] Bradberry. Just getting around those guys and soaking up as much game as I can.

Q. Can you just talk about your journey to Toledo, not a Power 5 type school, and you stayed there for four years. I’m sure you had the opportunity to leave. How did you end up there? Why did you end up there? And why did you stay there? (Ed Kracz)

QUINYON MITCHELL: Yeah, so just coming out of high school I had some grade issues and stuff like that, and Toledo just stuck with me through the whole process. Gave me a fair chance to play ball when nobody else wanted to.

So when the time came around, it was a no-brainer. I wasn’t going anywhere, I wasn’t leaving, no matter how much money or who came to offer. That’s why I went to Toledo and that’s why I stayed.

Q. You mentioned that you modeled your game after CB Darius Slay. What about his game in particular do you like and what areas do you feel like you’re similar? (Olivia Reiner)

QUINYON MITCHELL: I say the biggest thing is longevity. He been doing it for a long time, been playing some great football. He can play off man, he can play press man. That’s just somebody I model my game after.

Q. Where did you spend the draft? Did they call you? Who did you get on the phone with? What were some of the messages you got today? (Brooks Kubena)

QUINYON MITCHELL: I got on the phone with the whole draft room. They were just telling me like they ready to go, and I’m ready to go too. We both just ready to get to work.