Eagles 2nd-Round Draft Pick CB Cooper DeJean

Q. What’s the first 24 hours been like since you became an Eagle? (Chris Franklin)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, it’s been crazy. I’m already seeing the love from the fans on social media. My phone has been blowing up.

I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity, better place to be. Throughout the whole draft process this is the place that I loved the most, you know, especially when I came on my visit here.

Now that I’m here it’s super surreal. Still can’t believe it. But I’m excited. Excited to be here and excited to get to work.

Q. What was it about your visit that really connected with you? (Reuben Frank)

COOPER DeJEAN: I think it’s just the people in the building. Everybody walks around with a smile on their face, great attitude. You know, everybody treats everybody with respect which is really awesome.

You know, you can tell even just spending a day here, the culture here is really, really great. Got a lot of great people in the building, [especially] coaches. Haven’t met any of the players [yet] but I’m sure they’re the same way.

Q. Cooper, playing at Iowa, very good defense I saw. You guys had a really good defense last year. What was it that you enjoyed in the way you played in that defense and that can translate here to the Eagles? (Howard Eskin)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, I think the biggest thing is versatility. Just being able to play multiple positions. You know, like you said, our defense was — we had a really solid defense last year. Just the coaching part that — the way I was coached at Iowa, coached to be perfect and try and be perfect in everything that I do.

That’s what I’m going to try and do. Perfection is almost impossible but that’s something I strive for each and every time I step on the field.

So I’m excited to get in here, learn this defense, learn from the older guys who are in this building already and just get to work and back to playing football. I miss playing football. Seems like it’s been forever.

Q. I’m sure this has been a dream of yours for a long time to get drafted. Have you been reflective since it happened and what have you been thinking about? (Dave Zangaro)

COOPER DeJEAN: It’s been a quick turnaround. I haven’t really thought about it much. You know, obviously was pretty emotional last night. You know, just celebrating with all my family and friends back home which was really cool. The people who have been there with me since day one, you know, who have given a lot to me to help me get to this point.

So I haven’t done much reflecting. There have been little glimpses like I was on the practice field today looking over at the stadium. It was crazy. Crazy that I’m here right now. But now it’s more work to be done. Time to get back to work.

Q. If you did have time to be more reflective about your journey and maybe obstacles that you faced, what are some that you look back upon that really made you who you are? (Jeff McLane)

COOPER DeJEAN: I think it’s just where I come from, coming from a small town, earning everything that you want, just being humble, humble enough to work hard no matter how successful or how bad things are going for you in your life.

You know, so I think my hometown has really built me into the man I am today. As well as my parents. They led me down the right path. I’ve tried to do that for my younger brothers as well.

But really where I come from, I’m the first one to be in this position so just being an inspiration to the people back home, the young kids, even around my community. You know, it’s really, really awesome. Something I don’t take lightly. I want them to be able to look up to me and chase their dreams just like I chased mine. I hope they do that.

Q. If I can take you back to high school and when you had to make the decision about whether to go — am I right that it was Iowa or South Dakota State at the end? One was to play quarterback and the other was to play defensive back? (Jeff McLane)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, South Dakota State, North Dakota State, both those schools. Iowa. I really wanted to play quarterback, but ultimately Iowa was my dream school growing up. That’s where I wanted to be.

Grew up going to games in Kinnick stadium. Obviously always had a great defense. Great defensive coordinator who is also the defensive backs coach who taught me a lot about the game.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go there and it’s helped me get to this point. It will continue to help me throughout my NFL career.

Q. I saw CB Quinyon Mitchell tweeted to you. How cool is it that you’re coming in together and developing a relationship both on and off the field as two young defensive backs? (Reuben Frank)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, I actually reached out to him yesterday before the draft, told him congrats. I was happy for him. Which was kind of crazy now. Like 24 hours later we’re teammates which is cool.

But he’s a great player. I can’t wait to get to know him and play alongside him. I’m sure he’s a great man as well.

You know, so I’m looking forward to building those relationships with him. The guys in this draft class, as well as my teammates, who are already here.

Q. I think a lot of people have seen your high school basketball highlights as well. What did growing up being a multi-sport athlete do for you and how have they translated to your football skills? (Olivia Reiner)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, I think each sport that I played, I think it helped the other. You know, whether it’s football and basketball, track, the explosiveness in track, the speed; basketball, change of direction.

A lot of it translates over to football. I loved playing sports growing up, so playing four sports was a no-brainer for me in high school.

But it definitely helped me excel at the game of football and helped me get to this point. I still continue to play basketball to this day because I love it so much.

But I think just playing all four sports really helped me a lot just to — the way you think about the game, see things in different positions, different spots, different areas, whatever it is.

But I think it’s really helped me a lot.

Q. You talked about the way you were raised. Does that translate on to the field, too? Watching your highlights you don’t really celebrate the way a lot of the guys do. (Ed Kracz)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, I mean, in my head, that’s what I’m supposed to do when I’m out on the field. Just do my job. You know, that’s just what I do when I’m out there, just try and do my job. If I get the ball, go and score. If the ball is in the air, go and pick it off.

But that’s just part of my job. I love celebrating with my teammates though especially when they make a big play. So that’s just really how I’ve always been I guess. You know, just kind of that next play mentality a little bit. There is a little bit of celebration in there every once in a while, but kind of the next play mentality. Good or bad, whether I get beat or score a touchdown, whatever it is, just try and have that mentality and move onto the next and continue to play the game.

Q. Your career in college was obviously the boundary cornerback and you talked about the versatility. At the safety position, how much experience do you have? Have you played in the post or any kind of playing with your eyes on the quarterback? (Jeff McLane)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah. I mean, the way our defense is set up is even at the corner position, keeping your eyes on the quarterback. But I came in as a safety. Played safety in high school all four years.

You know, at Iowa I got a lot of safety reps in practice, just coming in and playing that position. Did it all through my first camp, first spring ball. Then I continued to get reps at all three positions throughout my time there.

You know, so I think I’m excited to learn and continue to try and push myself to excel at that position as well as the others really.

So I’m excited for that.

Q. Speaking of quarterback, you spent time in high school playing that position. How much did that help you in terms of playing defensive back? (Chris Franklin)

COOPER DeJEAN: A lot. I think. Because as a quarterback you’re trying to manipulate the defense, find different ways to hurt them. Playing defensive back, you kind of have that same mindset of what the quarterback might be thinking. Playing that position, I think it helps finding whether it’s what coverage we’re in technique, whatever it is. Just thinking what the quarterback might be thinking, ways they can hurt us and whatever coverage we’re in.

Q. I saw Eagles CB Darius Slay pulled up some receipts on you. What was your reaction to that and how much are you looking forward to being teammates with him? (Dave Zangaro)

COOPER DeJEAN: (Smiling) I’m excited. He seems like a great dude. He’s been doing it a long time, so I’m excited to get to learn from him, get to know him, along with the other guys.

But I’m taking him over those other guys.

Q. The Eagles have two good receivers in A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith. How familiar are you with them? You’re going to be learning from them also. How much are you looking forward to that? (Ed Kracz)

COOPER DeJEAN: I’m excited. Two great receivers, you know, just to be able to compete with them, go up against them in practice, it’ll be exciting. I’ll probably learn a lot from them. Just being on the other side of the ball. Hopefully get to ask them questions about their position, what they’re thinking in certain scenarios.

But it should be pretty fun.