Eagles 2nd-Round Draft Pick CB Cooper DeJean

Q. Welcome to Philadelphia.

COOPER DeJEAN: Thank you, I appreciate it. I’m excited.

Q. First off, what does it feel like to be drafted to the Eagles, and what do you think you bring to the team with your game? (Chris Franklin)

COOPER DeJEAN: It’s amazing. This is a place I wanted to be. You know, I had a great visit there during the draft process. You know, great coaches there, great team, great organization. You know this is something you dream of as a little kid, so I’m excited to bring my talents there.

You know, just get in and get to work, learn from the vets that are there right now and go win some football games.

Q. Congratulations. Just want to ask you, I think you had that first round grade on you; projected to go in the first round. How does this feel to go in the second round? Are you disappointed on some level? What’s your approach on that? (Ed Kracz)

COOPER DeJEAN: I mean, all I wanted was an opportunity to play. Obviously there’s a little frustration yesterday, but I’m excited with where I’m at, being in Philadelphia, being able to play for a great organization.

You know, I’m excited to get started there, get out there and get rolling, get back to playing football. You know, I was getting tired of this pre-draft process, so I’m excited to just get back to playing football.

Q. A lot was made of your versatility during the pre-draft process. Do you have a sense from the Eagles where they might use you, and do you have a preference whether it’s outside corner, slot or safety in terms of where you play in the secondary? (E.J. Smith)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, they talked to me about all three positions. I don’t have a preference. I’m a football player. You put me on the field, I’m going to go play football, whether it’s inside, outside, at safety, wherever it is.

This is a game I love to play. As long as I’m on the field, out there, I’ll be happy and I’m going to give it my all every time I step on the field.

Q. If I can follow up a little bit on that, I think some players might hear the talk about versatility and take it as a slight. How do you take it, or is it a sense of pride for you to be called versatile? (Dave Zangaro)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, I mean, I think it’s a great thing, being able to play multiple positions, being able to impact the game from different spots, outside, inside, in the deep middle, wherever it is.

So I think it’s a good thing for any team to have a guy that’s versatile who can play multiple positions, able to move around a little bit where he’s needed, able to plug in if there is an injury, whatever happens.

Just being that guy to plug in and play. Obviously there is a lot to learn. Got get the defense down first, you know, just to be able to play all three positions. I’m excited to get in there, learn from the coaches and learn from the vets there, like I said.

You know, I couldn’t be more excited to be here in Philadelphia.

Q. Wanted to ask you where you are physically as far as the leg, and when you talk about how you were used at Iowa, how much did that help you that they moved you around so much? How much more comfortable did that make you doing that? (John McMullen)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, physically I’m good. If there was a game played today, I would be ready to go.

You know, as far as being moved around at Iowa that’s something that’s helped me. Just seeing the game from different positions, understanding how to play each position.

You know, so I think it will only help me being able to learn from Coach [Iowa Defensive Backs Coach Phil] Parker, learn to play all three positions there. So I think it’s helped me a lot; increased my knowledge of the game and being able to see the game from different spots.

Q. I wanted to ask you about playing in the Big10. Obviously going against some top teams, top receivers. Ohio State’s WR Marvin Harrison Jr. comes to mind. How much do you think that helps you get that experience in the Big10 going against guys like that? And did you ever guard Marvin Harrison Jr. one-on-one? (Martin Frank)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, I covered him [Former Ohio State Wide Receiver Marvin Harrison] when we played them my sophomore year. Playing in the Big10, it’s a pretty physical game. You know, that’s what I love about the game of football, how physical it is.

Being able to go out and hit people each and every down. You know, having those matchups on the outside as well, but also being able to come downhill and be an impact in the run game as well.

So I think playing at Iowa has prepared me well for the next level.

Q. Obviously you were asked this question in the pre-draft process, as you probably know, there haven’t been many white starting cornerbacks in the NFL in a long time. Do you think that will prevent you from getting that opportunity? (Jeff McLane)

COOPER DeJEAN: If they put me out there, I’ll be excited to play out there, on the edge, at the corner position. If I don’t, there’s no hard feelings. I mean, I just want to get an opportunity to be on the field and impact the team in a positive way. No matter whether I’m outside, inside, or playing safety. Whatever it is, position isn’t really a — too much of a factor.

I feel like I’m a versatile guy. I can be moved around multiple spots. Just excited to get back out on the football field and play some football.

Q. When it came to your 30 visit, was there any moments that really stood out to you when you had a chance to visit the NovaCare Complex? (Chris Franklin)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, absolutely. When I was sitting down meeting with the defensive coaches, all great people, all love to teach the game, learned a lot from them. Watching tape, watching my tape, watching their tape, going through their defense.

You know, we run sort of a similar defense at Iowa. You know, I just love talking ball with them. They’re very knowledgeable. You know, I can’t wait to learn from them. I know I’ve said this a lot, but I haven’t played football in a while being injured.

I’m just excited to get there and learn from them and get back out on the football field and meet my new teammates and get after it.

Q. What went into your recovery from that leg injury? Seems like a pretty quick turnaround given the extent of the injury. (Tim McManus)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, I mean, it didn’t feel like it was a quick process. It felt long. You know, it was my first major injury. You know, so it took some time to really process it and be patient.

You know, but I had a great team at Iowa to help me. Then when I started the draft process, when I was training out in California at ProActive, the people there really helped me just strength-wise and get back on my feet running and moving like I was prior to the injury.

So I had a great team around me. I can’t thank them enough for helping get me ready to be able to work out for teams and then get me here to this draft and now go play some football.

Q. You had a lot of production with the ball in your hands at Iowa. What’s the key for you with obviously pick sixes but also punt returns and as a second part to that question do you have thoughts on the new kickoff return rules? (Zach Berman)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, I love having the ball in my hands. As a defensive guy that’s something that excites you. You don’t get to touch the ball as much. So whether it’s punt return or pick the ball off, whatever it is, my mindset is to go score. I played a lot with the ball in my hands in high school. Played quarterback.

So that’s something I love to do. Run around and try and score. As far as the new kick off rule, I think it’ll bring a lot of excitement to the game. You have two returners back there, and almost turns into a punt return. If you find a crease in there, it’s one on one. You and the kicker.

So I think it’ll bring a lot of excitement to the game.

Q. During the pre-draft process did you get a chance to know CB Quinyon Mitchell at all, and what’s your reaction to being teammates with him now? (Dave Zangaro)

COOPER DeJEAN: Yeah, I didn’t talk to him [CB Quinyon Mitchell] much during the pre-draft process. I just texted him last night and told him congratulations which is crazy now that we’re teammates. He’s a great player. Does things the right way. Really dynamic. So I’m excited to get to know him and get to play with him.

You know, along with other guys that are already there in Philadelphia. So I’m excited for that. Excited to get back out there and play some ball.