Pool Report (Post-Game Transcript)

PFWA Pool Reporter Zach Berman Interview with Referee Shawn Hochuli

Buffalo at Philadelphia

Sunday, November 26, 2023


Question: Two questions from the second quarter for clarification on. The first, a hit on Josh Allen that was ruled intentional grounding. A, why was it not a horse-collar tackle? And B, why was it grounding?


Hochuli: “The hit on Josh Allen, we felt that the force was from the front of the collar and what pulled him down was not from the back. So, that’s pretty much it. We felt that he was pulled down from the front of the jersey and collar.”


Question: And why grounding on the play?


Hochuli: “Yes, so grounding, he’s responsible for where the ball goes given that he started his throwing motion after he was contacted, so we didn’t feel like the ball was in the vicinity or the area of an eligible receiver.”


Question: Great, thank you. And then the second play, earlier in the quarter there was a pass to Trent Sherfield. It appeared that there was contact from Darius Slay. Why was there not pass interference on that play?


Hochuli: “So on that play from the view and the angle of the official, we just didn’t feel that it significantly hindered the receiver’s ability to catch the ball.”